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It is Your Duty to Look After All Life


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BP Oil Leak Prayer Request

Gulf Coast Oil Spill – Sioux Prayer Request – A letter from Chief Arvol Looking Horse (Present Chief and Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe of the Lakota, Dakota, Nakota Nation of the Sioux)

Gulf Coast Oil Spill – Sioux Prayer Request
****** A Great Urgency ****** To All World Religious and Spiritual Leaders ******
My Relatives,
Time has come to speak to the hearts of our Nations and their Leaders. I ask you this from the bottom of my heart, to come together from the Spirit of your Nations in prayer.
We, from the heart of Turtle Island, have a great message for the World; we are guided to speak from all the White Animals showing their sacred color, which have been signs for us to pray for the sacred life of all things. As I am sending this message to you, many Animal Nations are being threatened, those that swim, those that crawl, those that fly, and the plant Nations, eventually all will be affect from the oil disaster in the Gulf.
The dangers we are faced with at this time are not of spirit. The catastrophe that has happened with the oil spill which looks like the bleeding of Grandmother Earth, is made by human mistakes, mistakes that we cannot afford to continue to make.
I asked, as Spiritual Leaders, that we join together, united in prayer with the whole of our Global Communities. My concern is these serious issues will continue to worsen, as a domino effect that our Ancestors have warned us of in their Prophecies.
I know in my heart there are millions of people that feel our united prayers for the sake of our Grandmother Earth are long overdue. I believe we as Spiritual people must gather ourselves and focus our thoughts and prayers to allow the healing of the many wounds that have been inflicted on the Earth. As we honor the Cycle of Life, let us call for Prayer circles globally to assist in healing Grandmother Earth (our Unc’I Maka).
We ask for prayers that the oil spill, this bleeding, will stop. That the winds stay calm to assist in the work. Pray for the people to be guided in repairing this mistake, and that we may also seek to live in harmony, as we make the choice to change the destructive path we are on.
As we pray, we will fully understand that we are all connected. And that what we create can have lasting effects on all life.
So let us unite spiritually, All Nations, All Faiths, One Prayer. Along with this immediate effort, I also ask to please remember June 21st, World Peace and Prayer Day/Honoring Sacred Sites day. Whether it is a natural site, a temple, a church, a synagogue or just your own sacred space, let us make a prayer for all life, for good decision making by our Nations, for our children’s future and well-being, and the generations to come.
Onipikte (that we shall live),
Chief Arvol Looking Horse
19th generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe

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Living in Flow

As I‘ve been working the past several weeks to open and live through my heart chakra, rather than my ego, I’ve noticed a beautiful blossoming of love for myself and for every other person and creature and plant.  My heart has opened to the idea of fairies, thanks in part to encountering angels, and other benficial energetic beings that I was closed to before.  My love for my family has overwhelmed any of the bad feelings normally caused when I think of them and instead my love and desire for their happiness and joy has let me finally feel at peace about my relationships with them.  I can finally accept that they won’t change because I’ve accepted that I will always love them anyway.

I have also become amazingly aware of the god/goddess in everyone, which has also been a help in approaching people with love instead of judgement.  It’s amazing how free and easy I feel. It’s as if I was trying to make myself responsible for other people before instead of just spending my energy on myself.  Now that I’m focused on simply being me, walking my path, and performing my part in the experience of life as I know only I can, everything is coming to me with ease and joy.  I’m no longer putting excruciating effort into the simplest things.  I can finally let go and let it be and be joyful in experiencing just being.

It has been a beautiful gift that has increased my gratitude towards other light and energy beings and my fellow travelers in this world.  I have felt so in the flow instead of fighting against the current and it’s amazing how far you can go when you simply relax and let it take you!

Thank you to all of you who have shared your experiences with me and let them help me finally have the courage to be myself and live in love.  I am deeply grateful for your investment in my life.

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My Runes

When I was in Colorado reading Leaves of Yggdrissal, I asked the runes/my higher self to shoe me the runes that related to my life’s purpose & expression to jump out and grab me.  This was partially inspired by my recent stint of crystal collecting as I’ve noticed that the stones I collect all are associated with a few interwoven concerns, such as peace/calm, unity in society and within myself, etc.  I was sure that there would be a few runes that would be representative of myself and life in the same kind of way.

Here is what I came away with (the associated meanings are partially derived from Leaves of Yggdrissal and partly my personal notes):

Uruz – the insistence of life to continue against insurmountable odds, patience, courage, endurance, timely aggression, creative force, resourcefulness, persistence, will to live, primal impulse to be/become, growth through conflict/change, overcoming obstacles, healing, rejuvenation, physical & mental strength, new opportunities, risk-taking [I talked about this a little the other day as well]

Ansuz – communication, consciousness, intelligence, reason, air, sound, poetry, speech, ancestors, prana, breath of life, unbinding

Raido – control, movement, ritual, personal will & rights balanced with tribal/community rights, earned power & authority, judgement, taking charge of one’s self, acting from personal will/master of one’s circumstances, conscience, courage to act, extending one’s degree of control, taking initiative, cycles of seasons, shamanic travel into realms of consciousness

Kenaz – knowledge, consciousness, intellect, to know/be familiar with, craft, torch of knowledge, kin/like-minded people, spiritual leadership, esoteric knowledge, sex magic, cunt, consciousness of self, inborn knowledge, self-trust, light on the inner path, enthusiasm, inspiration, uncovering secrets, ridding unwanted influences/attracting desired ones, keeping knowledge maintained in altered states, bringing forth from the mind or body

Sowulo – life-giving femininity, sun, nuturing, comforting, higher self, higher will & intent, individual evolution, inner self, spiritual guidance, leadership, lightning, The Tower aka sudden, dramatic change, and consciousness

Teiwaz – battle for justice, law & order, social values, contracts & oaths, valor, bravery, honor, power to tackle a difficult situation, spirit warrior, masculine fertility, sky father, Yggdrasil

Berkana – earth goddess, female fertility, gestation, birth, child care, female health, healing, sacred trees, altered states of consciousness, soul journeys, ‘shrooms, rebirth, growth, creativity, childbirth, motherhood, protection for vulnerable females (when in a triple rune charm). [I’ve talked about this one before, as well.]

The more you know me, the more all of these make sense together.  I’m not sure how they come off otherwise.

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I-Ching Reading

  Your Question: How can I create my community?

Your Present Hexagram

Great receptivity attracts exceptional results. A natural responsiveness brings about success through support and perseverance, rather than through bold action. Thus, the wise person demonstrates strength like a powerful but gentle mare. This hexagram, consisting of all yin lines, represents a power of the feminine principle no longer honored in our modern world, but such receptivity is most auspicious.

The receptive force is sensual as well as powerful, and it can be missed by too much talk and planning. When spring comes, does the grass “plan” to grow? This is a time to concentrate on realities rather than potentials – with how to respond to a situation rather than how to direct it. The mature mare lets herself be guided by a higher power, and is skilled at graceful acceptance. In a strong spiritual way, her quiet contribution is most effective, and brings success.

Do not be too assertive at this time, for if you try to direct things, you are liable to become confused or alienated. Take your time. Draw strength from carefulness and you will be doubly fortunate. Focus more on feeling than on action. Be broad and deep in your attitudes so that you can accept everything that comes your way with grace and equanimity. Be receptive and spacious like the ocean; let the river of changing developments flow to you. Allow others to take the lead for now. Strive for a pure natural responsiveness that is based on inner strength rather than outer show.

© 2008

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Awakening the Dreamer Symposium coming to Kansas City

YOU’RE INVITED by June Holte to

Awakening the Dreamer, Changing the Dream Symposium

DECEMBER 29, 10-5

“Bringing forth an environmentally sustainable, socially just and spiritually fulfilling human presence on earth as the guiding principle of our time.”



Join us in this expanding global initiative to change the dream of the modern world, starting with exploring the links between humanity’s most critical concerns:  environmental sustainability, social justice, and spiritual fulfillment.

This multi-media, day-long symposium combines leading edge information, group interaction, and video clips of some of the most respected luminaries and thinkers of our time, including Paul Hawken, Thomas Berry, Brian Swimme, Desmond Tutu, Julia Butterfly Hill, Van Jones, Lynn Twist, Majora Carter, and Matthew Fox.  Together we will grapple with assumptions underlying how we see ourselves in the world today.  You will leave fully inspired and moved to new and deeper levels of both awareness and action, in a state of what Paul Hawken calls “blessed unrest”.

Although the symposium has already been led to over 10,000 people in 12 countries, this Kansas City symposium is one of the first times it will be held in the midwest.  It will be hosted and facilitated by June Holte.  June is completing a master’s degree in Sustainable Living and Social Transformation in a small private school in Honolulu, Hawaii, and has presented on issues related to sustainability to over 4000 individuals.

For more detailed information:
contact June Holte at

…and see:


Saturday, December 29, 2007

10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

$20-40 (sliding scale)

Center for Spiritual Living
1306 West 39th Street
Kansas City, MO  64111

1) contact June Holte:

2) register online: 

Dress casually and comfortably.

Please bring a sack lunch or be prepared to partake of one of several restaurants within four blocks–Indian, Vietnamese, deBronx deli, Middle Eastern, Mongolian Grill, and more.

For anyone who wishes, we’ll go out for coffee/tea afterward to continue the conversation.

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The Solstice Portal of 12/12

I realize this is a bit belated, but I didn’t want to break up my excerpt sequence last week. Anyway, I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I had to endorse Karen Bishop‘s What’s Up on Planet Earth update again because I am finding it to be so comforting. This last update in particular, because it seems to be addressed directly to me. So much of what she is saying directly applies! Here is a segment from her latest update (I’ve bolded the parts I strongly relate to):



2007 was a rocky and challenging year for many…especially the latter six month period after the solstice. And now, another solstice is due to arrive, marking the final point of this deep transitional and preparatory period.


This deep period of excavation that lasted for so many months was vitally necessary to our spiritual evolutionary process, as it prepared us for the next level of spiritual hierarchy. And the best is yet to come…we have been preparing for it! Higher vibrating key concepts and ways of being were integrated within us, notably: learning and experiencing how to stay still and in our center and how to harmonize with the energy of community.


When we first arrive in a higher dimension or higher vibrating energy, it feels glorious at first, as all our needs seem to be met and we seem to be able to create much of anything instantly. As time progresses, we find ourselves aligning with these newer higher realms, and this always involves a clearing and purging of any energies or patterns within and without which no longer match our new surrounding vibration. So we first feel great and then we feel not so great.


And as complicated as it may seem, our outside vibration does not dictate our inside vibration alone. How we vibrate on the inside, also dictates what occurs in our outside reality. So then, creation and evolution is always a two edged process. It comes from the outside and it comes from the inside, culminating in an alignment and burst of creation and change, similar to the big bang theory.


This process can create some confusion, chaos, and what may seem at times, an unending roller coaster ride. We adjust our vibration within, through clearing and letting go of lower vibrating energies (which is initiated by the newly arriving outside energies!), and then the outside reality feels downright unpleasant to be in, at times causing depression and anxiety, and always, that no sense of place feeling. This is because the outside physical manifestations no longer fit our new inside vibrations.


Add to this the waiting times, as we need to wait for a critical mass to catch up, in order to arrive at that culmination point for creating new in the physical, and this results in the wading through quicksand experience, the lethargy, and the lack of passion. All are typical ascension experiences.

And in addition, it seems that some of our beloved animal companions seem to choose to depart the earth plane as well during these deep transitional times, as they have chosen not to continue on to the next plateau.


So then, how does all this relate to where we are now? We are most certainly moving up the rungs of the ascension ladder, piece by piece, and experience by experience. Currently, we have reached a new level, and this involves the level of living in unity and within community. This new level, as with all levels, also connects us more fully with Source, or our souls, and this then, has most recently created the adjustments involving being still and staying in our center.


Having a physical ailment or injury forces us to stay down, and thus creates a situation where we must get out of the way, allowing Source to enter more fully. Do you remember in months past when some of us re-visited an old injury or physical malady that lasted several weeks? This was why. If the right side of your body is continually aching, stiff, or uncomfortable, or even if you experience injuries on your right side only, your soul is making an attempt at re-aligning you with Source. [Note: This knowledge in general is very encouraging to me… my right leg is shorter than my left which causes all sorts of weird pain to it, but only sometimes. It makes me feel like I can reclaim this ‘gimpiness’ as a power source (kinda) now.] Making things happen by ourselves is not the way in the higher realms. It is Source who does it all (or our souls), and this can readily happen when the lower vibrating aspects of ourselves are out of the way. Injuries or discomfort on the right side of our bodies indicates an over-use of the old masculine.


We are needing to evolve from the old male identity on the planet, to the new identity embodying much more of the feminine. (None of this is new news to most of you, just a recap here to assist in explaining our current status.) And the feminine is needing an adjustment as well. We are learning the true and higher ways of giving, supporting, allowing, and receiving. All these adjustments within involve a way of staying still, in our center, not extending, not doing it all, and the like. When we are present and still, Source can then find us and we are then within a portal or an alignment with the higher realms. And this is where true creating occurs.


Living in communities? We have just gone through a massive clearing of arrogance. This created a need to really look at ourselves, what our patterns were which might have involved a disrespect for others, or any dominance, etc. and a special time to fully examine how we had been vibrating even though we may not have know that we needed to adjust a thing within ourselves. We may not have seen our patterns before, but now this light has illuminated much. It was grand opportunity indeed. And know as well, that some of our old patterns were necessary in order to survive on a planet that was vibrating in a much lower and denser way.


Living in community involves a special harmony. We each have a special gift and contribution to make, and we are now finding that even though we may indeed embody our gift right now, we need not be utilizing it 24/7. If we do, we are then over-using our gift, and being “on” 24/7 creates a separation from the whole. It was meant that we enjoy ourselves the remainder of the time…we make our contribution, we create according to who we are and what we are here to contribute, and then we enjoy ourselves with the remainder of the whole.


So then, for the past several months we have been preparing for what is due to arrive in January. I cannot emphasize this enough….January will bring in the new in a very solid and grounded way. Things will be oh so much better, and really take off for us. 2008 will be the year of new beginnings, and in order to utilize them and be ready for them, we had to be in alignment with them, and thus, this phase of deep preparation for the past several months.


Solstices involve going deep. The days and nights are not equal. This creates the excavating energy. Equinoxes involve moving forward, and reaping the rewards we have generated. Phil and I are finding most certainly now, through our work and observations at the ancient sites, along with our communications with the ancient ones, that the ancients were very aware of these fluctuations and timelines, and their inherent purposes. So even if these patterns were not evident through experiencing the energies alone, they would be known by observing the petroglyphs and occurrences at the ancient sites.


For the past several weeks, there has been massive darkness on the planet. Horror, creepiness, and a vulnerability could be felt (especially if you are a sensitive one). This is because much is being excavated and is up and out, right in our faces. This phase also creates a feeling of no sense of place, as we do not belong anywhere right now. We may feel displaced, not know where in the world to go now, and feeling grossly insecure. It may feel as if there is nowhere left to go. And who wants to land somewhere when most of everything feels dark and creepy? This temporary darkness can also cloud any judgments or clarity we may desire. It can be difficult to make decisions, when we are not sure what the darkness is indicating.

When the darkness occurs, though a massive purging like this one, it seems this is all we can see. We are thus looking through a filter that is not real.


Know that there is an end to this phase, and very soon. We will again find home. We will again see beauty. We will again feel good. We will again experience caring, love, and a feeling of home and unity. It is this that we have been preparing for. We needed to be in alignment with these higher vibrating things before we could embody and experience them, and they will be arriving for us in January.


January will be huge. It will be solid. It will be real. It will be like a massive bulldozer moving us forward…not excavating this time, but moving us into and supporting us in our new spaces and in our new endeavors.


The last few pieces are now being wrapped up. These involve the solstice of the 21st (some say the 22nd, but Phil and I are finding that it greatly depends upon where you reside on the planet anyway), and the portal of December 12, or 12/12.

12/12 will open us to opportunities. It will re-validate what we have been wanting to create. It will align us with higher intentions and with our soul’s direction. It will re-connect us. Do we need to intentionally do anything on this date? My stance has always been “no.” Things will just happen naturally. On the 12th, you may find that things seem to be falling into place all of the sudden. You may find that situations seem to be resolved. You may feel lighter. You may get clarity.


“Why do you tell of the 12/12 portal on the exact day and not before, so that we can prepare?” you might wonder in annoyance. It is because I don’t think it really matters. Things always occur very naturally…we need not force them or make them happen. And in addition, there is always a window of energy around every alignment. If we wish, we can write down what we wish to create for our futures on this day, or near this day. But our souls know what is in store for us. It is always there, hidden away, ready to be hatched, even though we may not always be consciously aware.


If we can place ourselves in a space of relaxation, joy, creativity, simplicity, and happiness, all things align very naturally. In this way, intentional ceremony is not necessary either. Just allowing is enough. When Phil and I stand at pivotal points in ancient ruins at solstice and equinox times, we can feel the alignments and the portal openings. They all occur very naturally. And the alignments know what our soul’s intentions are…they only serve to open them more fully.


In the last energy alert of December 2, I spoke of a high energy pyramid hidden beneath the earth in the area we just moved to. This pyramid will open when the surrounding energies begin to vibrate at a certain pitch, or when the inhabitants of this area begin to embody these higher energies. In this way, an activation occurs very naturally. We need not intentionally activate a thing. If we did, the very thing we were trying to activate would hold a higher vibration for a short while, and then most likely not be able to maintain it. Not really doing things intentionally is part of clearing the arrogance.


As we begin to vibrate higher, most things come from an intent of love and caring, or joy and passion, and that alone places us in alignment with the higher realms. It is always the emotion behind the creation that fuels it’s ultimate destination.


Again, staying still, not reaching or trying, not extending, but creating in our joy, loving and being in the moment, and just being who we are, are all that is necessary for aligning with the higher realms. If we can maintain this state as much as possible, while not taking things personally or being affected and reacting to outside energies, we can much more easily go through the doorway to another dimension.


So as we complete this very last phase of preparation and alignment within ourselves, we can rest assured that a very new reality is on the very near horizon.

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