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Baby Baptism

I created a baptismal ritual for Henry that my partner helped me carry out under the full moon. I opened the circle with salt, sage and a knife, lit a candle and incense and read the following invocation/blessing/prayer, during which I baptized Henry with water, then blessed him with a crystal and lotus oil. I closed the circle by walking it 3x while ringing a bell to thank and dismiss the entities who attended us.

Baptism Ritual for Henry:

Hail to the Guardians of the Above, Below and Within, the Neteru of Egypt: Isis, Nepthys, Bast, Anubis, Osiris, Ptah, Khosu, Nekhbet-Mother-Mut, Set, Horus, Hathor, Khnum, Nut, Geb, and Ma’at. We ask that you evoke the power and potential of Henry’s spirit, that he may fulfill the Divine Plan and be a blessing to all he meets.

(Face North) Hail to the Guardians of the North who hold the foundations of the Earth. We ask the Earth to connect Henry with pas wisdom, with beauty, with peace, and with the season of change.

(Face East) Hail to the Guardians of the East, sender of the winds. We ask the Air to give Henry access to enlightened communication, words of power, music, poetry, and laughter.

(Face South) Hail to the Guardians of the South who hold the Sacred Flame. We ask that Fire to activate the power of protection, faith, confidence and courage within Henry’s life.

(Face West) Hail to the Guardians of the West, Keepers of the Seas. (Baptize) We ask the Waters to attune Henry to the divine energies of the multiverse: the Buddha Nature, the Christ Consciousness, Krishna Vision, the Violet Flame, Reiki, Yggdrasill, Luna, Gaia, and the Golden Light within which we all merge as ONE.

(Bless with lotus oil & quartz crystal)
May he find his voice,
May he speak his truth,
May he walk the spiral path of the soul warrior with love, compassion,
wisdom, courage, faith, patience and forgiveness for himself and others.
May we as his parents guide him from the enlightened perspective of our Higher Selves.
May we be transformed by the sacrifices we make into our Best Selves.

I ask the gods and goddesses, Bujddhas and bodhisattvas, Earth, stars, angels (Gabriel, Michael, Uriah the Healer and the rest), fairies (especially Princess Aquazephyr and Foxy’s family), Saint Germain, MAlachi and all enlightened beings to bless and lead us each day of our lives.

Amen, amen and amen.
So mote it be.


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Sacred Marriage & a Soul Memory

My partner and I were joined in marriage this Saturday. At a recent Heart Blessing where Saint Germain was channelled, he asked to attend and to bring friends with him. Of course, I said yes, and during the closing prayer as I closed my eyes, I saw/felt the yard full of entities there to bless our marriage.

It was also a blessing to be able to marry before our child is born – something we weren’t sure was going to happen. There seemed something so right about our child being at the event as well, especially because of a recent soul memory that surfaced for me in a dream. In the memory, my soul was between incarnations in “heaven.” An angel came to me – an angel that I recognized as the soul incarnating as my child – and told me that he had something important for me to see. I was surprised and intrigued as we traveled at the speed of thought to a place I understood as a birthing place for souls. It looked like a quickly spinning galaxy. There were a few other observers there when we arrived. We “stood” there waiting, when suddenly a new soul emerged from the “galaxy” and I understood deeply that this soul had been made specifically for me, to compliment me and to help me grow in my path. I also recognized the soul as the person I just married. In the memory, I fell instantly in love with him – as I did when I saw him in this incarnation. How blessed I am that the soul who introduced us will now be born as our child!

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Intro to Peruvian Shamanism

Went to an Intro to Peruvian Shamanism class today and wanted to share some of the things that stuck out to me:

  • Flower water can be used to cleanse in the same way sage is. Put some on your hands, rub them together, clap 3 times, bring your hands to your face and breathe in deeply, and finally rub the remaining water over your head and down your body.
  • 3 Worlds or realms of existence are the middle (everyday life/realm of discovery), upper (celestial real with ancestors, angels and star relatives) and lower (realm of totem animals and fairies/our interior world).
  • Altars act as transistors for elemental energy.
  • To release heavy energy, place the left hand on the affected body area and the right hand on the Earth. Let the energy flow from your left hand through your heart into your right hand and release it into the Earth.

We did a shamanic meditation in which I first followed fox through the woods, then wolf through the tundra where rainbow lights flickered in the sky into the lower realm. There I ran about, swam, and flew around enjoying myself and taking in all the magical entities. Then I came to a pool in a forest, fed by a waterfall where a boa waited for me. I followed him through the water into an underground cave where the ceiling was covered in constellation-like paintings that glowed dimly.

The snake told me this was my dream cave where I used to spend much time as a child, but lately haven’t been spending any time on my dreams. He said I need to take time out to fantasize about amazing larger-than-life things so that they can be brought into my life. He told me to start imagining things I wanted to do and I started off small but got more and more audacious with my dreams. As I did this, the paintings began to glow brighter and brighter.

Then the snake told me that when I meditate in the mornings I always go to the upper realm, but I need to start visiting the lower realm as well, to integrate my totems more into my life experience. He told me to ask Krishna how to travel from the upper to the lower realm and then to come daily for teachings from the animals and fairies.

I’m so excited at how everything I learn builds and builds and builds into new ways of seeing myself and my practice. And I’m excited to have new tools to use in cleansing and meditation! How wonderful to be blessed and loved by the Universe.

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My Morning Prayer

Source, keep my channel clear.

Gaia, keep me balanced.

Spirit, lead me like a child in right thoughts, right words and right actions.

I invoke the love, wisdom and power of my higher consciousness to guide me in the plan,

To illuminate, inspire and clarify my mind,

To transform, transmute and stabilize my feelings and emotions,

To energize, vitalize and heal my physical body so there is a normal flow of energy through my being today and every day

To attract to me all those I can truly help and to attract to me all those who can help me in any way.

I give thanks for the love that fills and surrounds me,

Knowing I am loved unconditionally by a benevolent universe,

My mind full of light, my heart forever grateful, I am pure creative potential.

Guided by my heart, I apply love and wisdom to all I say and do.

I am divinely guided, in touch, blessed and loved.

I ask the gods and goddesses, Earth and stars, angels and fairies and other beings of light

To assist and guide me for the highest good.

Amen, Amen, Amen.

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Morning & Evening I Give Thanks

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My focus of late, has been to keep myself centered in a place of spiritual listening and heartfelt gratitude. To that end, I’ve started praying EVERY MORNING, which I never chose to make a habit before.

I’m also trying to be more consistent with daily meditation. I’ve tried many meditation techniques and styles, but I finally discovered what process is best for me. I center myself with breath, imagine roots growing out of my base chakra into the Earth and then imagine a halo of light around my head and body, pulling me up to the light of Source, where I have been consistently greeted by my beautiful Krishna and Quan Yin (who I’ve loved for a long time and finally brought her into my home with a beautiful statue that reminds me of her grace). I greet them, listen to their gentle advice – always JUST the thing I need to keep in mind to stay centered that day – and enjoy the beautiful garden they tell me is my true home.

A few days ago, after I had heard them speak to me, I was preparing to end the meditation when they took me by the hands, smiling with pleasure, and told me they had a surprise for me. Of course, it was who I wanted most to see: Clarissa, my future daughter @ the age she most often appears to me (about 6ish). She was swinging in the garden and she was very happy to see me as well. She kept asking when we would finally get to be together and I had to just tell her I don’t know, but I hope it is very soon. (Sometimes being psychic is a very odd experience). She has appeared in my daily meditations since, usually just popping in to tell me she loves me. I’m not sure I can describe quite how that makes me feel.

Besides meditation, I have started keeping gratitude lists. I took a slim blank book I had on hand, decorated it and have been filling the inside with lists. Every evening I sit down and write out what I am grateful for that day, be it people, feelings, nature, abstract concepts or the gods. I know it is helping me to have an attitude that praises what happened throughout the day, and going to bed with a grateful heart, I think, helps me to wake up “on the right side of the bed.”

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African Ancestor Root Healing Ritual with Masankho

My friend Darcy and I went to an African Ancestor Root Healing Ritual last night with storyteller, dancer, healer and educator Masankho Banda. Since we were told to bring a blanket and pillow, I thought it would be some deep meditative experience. My expectations were happily upturned and we spent the time doing a series of dance rituals!

We started with a dance of self. Next we danced to welcome and acknowledge the ancestors. Then we danced a dance for each direction, which was amazingly powerful and the directions told me that since they are always present for me and always watching, I should consciously tap into them and their power more often. We danced a dance for welcoming one another that was also a dance to ask for those who need to see us clearly to do so. I cried through a good portion of that, praying for my parents to see me as I am instead of who they have told themselves I am.

Next we danced a dance for our children and all children. I danced thinking of Clarissa and was filled with such great joy as the dance acted out the way parents must help or not help their children and have the wisdom to know which to do when. Afterwards, we talked about the children of the world who are in need. We all blessed the necklace made by a girl with AIDS in Africa who has amazingly reached puberty and I was led to talk about how I was  abused as a child and how my life is full of love and light like I would never believe back then, to reaffirm everyone’s hopes that the children of the world in need will find the help they want. While speaking, I suddenly had to gasp to breathe and I started shaking and crying. One of the other women came over to hug me, remind me to breathe and to ground me. We stayed in one another’s arms until I had calmed and the enormous rush of energy had passed through.

Next we did the dance of acceptance. We gathered everything in our past and let it go. Gathered all we are now and let it go, then pulled in future goodness towards us.

We next had a session of meditation laying down with the drum Masankho played for us creating a strong heartbeat for us to follow. My sacral chakra felt very strongly activated and was vibrating in tempo with the drumming. I still feel the transformation most strongly there. I woke up and noticed how light and airy it and my energy feel. I know I let go of somethings and felt some blocks in my mind and body had been cleared away.

We ended with a dance to thank the ancestors and allow them to go back to what they were doing.

The night ended with lots of hugs and thank yous and extremely positive energy. I am so glad I went!!! I can’t believe I almost didn’t. Masankho will be back in town in November so I look forward to seeing what other opportunities will arise.

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Urban Shaman


Lately my connection with nature and nature-as-teacher have become increasingly more necessary in my life. I’ve been spending more time outside and the change it makes in my emotional and mental well-being is dramatic! I’m loving my path right now and how it’s  changing me, making me stronger and better and more capable of helping others.

My guides have been letting me know I’m on the right track through a book my little brother lent me called Secrets of Shamanism: Tapping the Spirit Power Within You by Joes and Lena Stevens. Three of my favorite bits so far:

“When you practice shamanism you become a change agent in the drama of evolution. More than that, you release yourself from the illusion of isolation and step into the reality of the interrelationship of all life. Finally the practics of shamanism leads you to eventually align yourself with the healing forces of nature. You find balance and integration. You know who you are and where you are going. [this is something I’ve been dramatically experiencing of late]

“Shamans…emphasize the importance of being able to ‘see’ the result before actualizing it physically. [this is what I meant last post about my partner being able to imagine the future with me] And yet they are also aware that people can only achieve as much as they can truly imagine for themselves. Thus a shaman will work at heightening a person’s level or ability to have, do and be. The ability to imagine raises our ability to have. Like a muscle that needs to be worked, strengthened, and stretched, imagination requires exercise. Shamanism is in part a strategy for expanding and empowering imagination.”

“The shaman knows that each [element of nature] is vital to basic survival, and a personal relationship with them is critical to living a successful life. Furthermore, the most compentent shamans know that these powers are all representatives of the greater spirit that unifies the cosmos and is the true source of life itself. By communicating to the sun or the moon and thanking them for their warmth and light, the shaman through humility, grows powerful because [s]he speaks directly with the source of life itself.”

I am loving this book because it’s like my guides patting me on the back the whole time, saying “see! look how on track you are! now pick up things you’re needing from this and let’s do more!!” It’s so exciting 🙂 And since my partner and I changed our relationship status, it’s been so easy to share my spirituality with him. I love it! All the other people I’ve been with were intimidated or upset by this side of me so having someone celebrate it with me is pure joy.

Power Stones and Spirit Bells

Power Stones and Spirit Bells

Yesterday, for instance, the Universe guided me to pick up 3 stones on a walk, which I then decorated as I have been doing recently with symbols (above). These rocks seemed more powerful than the others I’ve made and the symbols are very strong ones for me. They kept calling to me all day and I knew they were a special gift for me to use. The rock pictured on the left is the Raido rune, the reverse is a book (my guides like to communicate through what I read). The center rock is a heart, the reverse is a bear with teeth bared. The rock on the right is a knife blade and the reverse is the incisor of a wild cat.

I’ve pulled out my spirit bells (pictured on either side of the rocks) and went outside to shake them and wait for the Guides to talk to me. I discovered by holding on to the bells themselves, I have rattles! This was really fun to discover because I’ve been wishing for rattles and here I already had some!! I shook my bells/rattles, swayed side to side with my eyes on the rocks and their symbols, and mentally chanted “love, healing” over and over until the sound and the spirit came on me and I thanked the Earth below me and the Sky above me, my guides and the energetic beings around me and they told me that I should always remember that I can change perspective when I need to and find my calm and that they are always there for me.

I felt full of energy and hope and light and joy and my head felt particularly cleansed and airy (I’m guessing as part of the result of doing a mental body guided meditation with some friends on Friday where we pulled down energy into our minds) and was able to go inside and was able to simply say to my partner what the messages I’d received were and know he’d be joyful with me. Then I was blessed with a 20 minute power nap! I went inside and was so sleepy I fell asleep and let the energy wash through me, invigorating me when I woke up. I tend to lack the ability to nap so this was a very special gift indeed!

I’m so grateful for the energies that support and love me. I love living a miraculous life.

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