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An Angel Requests Your Help

Dear fellow light-workers, Today I was at Pershing State Park in Laclede MO, and the guardian angel of the park gave me a mantra to share with y’all: “We are in harmony, acting as one.” The angel asked that we say this mantra 324 times each day (108 x 3) until the shift of 12/12/12. ♥


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Book Review: Paranormal by Raymond Moody, MD

I was sent a copy of Raymond Moody’s latest book Paranormal: My Life in Pursuit of the Afterlife to review, and found it an interesting read. Moody previously published Life After Life, in which he coined the phrase “near-death experiences” and examined that phenomena in a purely factual manner. I wasn’t aware of his work before reading Paranormal, but that didn’t lessen my enjoyment or interest in his memoir in the slightest.

Moody was raised atheist and assumed, like his father, that there was no afterlife. He explains in Paranormal how his views changed over the course of his life, starting with the seed planted by a story his father told him. Moody’s father was a surgeon and he came home one day with the story of how he had opened up a man’s chest and hand-pumped his heart back into action though the man was dead for several minutes. This was Moody’s first encounter with the idea of something existing beyond death.

Raymond Moody

Moody goes on to explain how his fascination with philosophy, especially with Plato, and near-death experiences grew throughout his adolescence. By the time he entered college, he started collecting the stories of near-death experiences, and soon had created the body of work he published as an undergraduate in Life after Life.

Though Moody still didn’t believe in an afterlife or past lives at the point of that book’s publication, he was convinced to attempt past-life regression after a woman admonished him after a lecture to not dismiss the idea out of hand. He went into hypnosis and experienced 9 past lives, but still wasn’t sure what to make of the experience except as a powerful took for therapy.

Soon he became interested in the idea of scrying to communicate with the dead – largely through his reading about Greek psychomanteums (which he describes as “specially designed caves to experience facilitated apparitions” pg. 190) – and  he approached this from a practical point of view as a psychologist, rather than a spiritual one. After witnessing the powerful effect the experience had on himself and on hundreds of patients, Moody began to broaden his viewpoint of reality.

Soon Moody began to study shared-death experiences, in which living persons experience a collective spiritual change at the point of a loved-ones death. Still desiring to find the logic behind all of these events and methods, Moody’s viewpoint on God and the afterlife had changed completedly.

This was a fascinating story of someone who very rationally explored aspects of people’s minds and experiences that most scientists ignored before his research came out. Moody’s life-long sense of curiosity and love of logic lead him on a great adventure that is truly worth reading about. He provides stories told by those he encountered as patients, lecture audience members, and volunteers. Moody also outlines the common elements of near-death experiences, past-life regression, and shared-death experiences. I would recommend this to anyone interested in those topics.

You can buy it now on Moody’s website.

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Understanding Life’s Challenges

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I’m on Ross Bishop‘s email list, and today this was just what I needed to read. I hope you will find it as inspiring and encouraging as I did. (All words are his, but the emphasis is mine).


by Ross Bishop

One of the difficulties people have doing spiritual work is that even after all that has been shared with us, we have a poor understanding of what life is about. Put in the simplest terms, your spiritual development is not completed and you came to earth to move the process forward. Earth was created as a learning place for your growth and development.

Today when challenged, you are not able to hold the God Space. Instead you move into fear, feelings of inadequacy and self doubt. When things go wrong you blame yourself, others, get angry at God or the world for your troubles.

Although we rarely see life this way, our dilemmas are really opportunities for learning. The key is to shift our perspective from being a victim to becoming a student of life. A big part of the problem is that the learning system, although extremely effective, is painful and not entirely straightforward. The saving grace is that our conflicts, although unpleasant, can do no permanent damage.

Having free will does complicate matters. Because of free will, any changes you make must come from within, they cannot be given or taught. They must be experienced and accepted as your own personal truth. The most powerful way to help someone who has free will find the truth is to first convince them of its opposite. This may seem convoluted, but over time, faced with the growing conflict between false belief and the truth, there is nowhere else for a person to turn but to the truth. Because the choice is individual, when you make that shift, you will hold the truth more deeply than is possible by any other means. Learning in this way respects your free will and insures that your newfound truth will be unshakable.

Before you came to earth you were with The Creator. The limitations in your consciousness were not an issue, they could not create any difficulties there. However the moment you separated from The Creator to come here, the limitations of your consciousness were exposed. In addition, in order for the learning process on earth to work, you had to temporarily forget your connection to The Creator. Otherwise, nothing that happened here would have caused conflict for you to learn from.

Because of your inner uncertainty and vulnerability, when you left “heaven” you felt as though you had been cast out into the cold, uncaring vastness of The Universe. You concluded that you had been abandoned, unwanted, unworthy and unloved. None of that could be true, they were completely impossible, but your Misunderstanding was profound and deep. This was intended. Your feelings of unworthiness and unlovability would serve as the pivots around which your earthly learning experiences would evolve. They would form the foundation for the learning you needed.

Your limited consciousness was unable to grasp the greater truth of who you really were, and so you chose to believe you were flawed. And you have been working to resolve that Misunderstanding ever since. The beliefs that developed out of the separation have shaped and twisted every experience you have ever had. Responding to the energy of the Misunderstanding, The Universe creates situations to help you work through your false beliefs in a manageable context.

For example, we were all hurt in childhood. That is not accidental. It is a setup designed into the life process to trigger your inner uncertainties and create false beliefs. Remember that life on earth has been set up to convince you that you were unworthy, unlovable and even possibly damaged so that over time, you would reject those beliefs and embrace who and what you really are. The fact that this happens for every child on the planet should convince you that this is not some random, happenstancial occurrence. It is a planned and intended, integral part of your learning process. Any conflict between a belief and the truth must eventually be resolved for the truth. You can divert things for a while by living in your ego, but there is always a price for that.

Your childhood experiences would propel you into a lifetime of difficult experiences that would ultimately lead to an expanded consciousness. It is not a pleasant or enjoyable process, but healing your childhood wounds, learning to move beyond the ego and your beliefs and live in the truth, will help resolve your inner wounding and bring you closer to The God Space. From the human perspective, the learning process can seem uncaring and callous, but we need to remember that this is God’s agenda, not ours. God loves you, but will not be dissuaded from His plan if your ego gets dinged. Actually, the pain that comes from your ego being dented is a very important part of the learning process.

Most people get caught up in the struggle and fail or refuse to realize that while they are getting the stuffing kicked out of them, there is a far more significant process taking place. We feel hurt, remain victims, and rarely raise our heads high enough to get above the fray and witness the learning being asked of us. The change, by the way, is always about moving to greater compassion and the stuffing you lose isn’t real anyway. It is something we are better off without. It is when we paint ourselves into a corner and are faced with the either/or of “surrender or die” that most of us challenge and eventually surrender, our false and limiting beliefs.

Finding ways to trust in God’s guidance and make the “leap” to another way of believing, leaving your wounds and scars behind, requires finding the faith that if you leap, you won’t simply crash and burn or be left out in the cold. That is why, even though most of our connection to The Creator has been camouflaged, there always remains a chord of light to build faith on. We need to find something to trust, either a belief system or a teacher we can have confidence in to help us make the leap.

Your Misunderstandings profoundly affect everything you do.


To get on Ross’ e-mail list, visit his website.

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Book Review: Afterlives of the Rich and Famous

I was asked to review Sylvia Browne’s new book, Afterlives of the Rich and Famous, in exchange for a free copy, which I was happy to do!  I recently finished reading a couple of books on a similar topic, one of which Browne also wrote: Temples on the Other Side, an explanation of different spheres of activity and functions of spirits in the afterlife.  After that, I read Journey of Souls: Case Studies of Life Between Lives by Michael Newton, Ph.D., which describes interviews under hypnosis in which subjects recalled their past lives and their existence in between them.

I just had to mention those before I went into my review, because I really enjoyed them both, and I think that reading them helped me to feel more “in touch” with an over-arching view of the afterlife, versus the very particular stories Browne tells, through her spirit guide, in Afterlives of the Rich and Famous.

Afterlives of the Rich and Famous is divided into 4 major sections: “Introduction” (which I mostly skipped since I’ve read several of her other books and knew most of what she covered there), “Death…and Then What” (a brief summary of the most pertinent information in Temples on the Other Side), “Glossary” (definition of terms the reader might be unfamiliar with from “astral travel” to “the waiting room”), and “Celebrities” (the largest and, most interesting, section of the book).

As usual, Browne did her homework before writing this book.  Each celebrity she discusses is described through a brief overview of his/her life and death. Since I wasn’t really expecting that, I found it a bit off-putting, until I got to a celebrity that I wasn’t really familiar with, and then I was very grateful to have the information handy!  After this overview, there is a section from Francine, Browne’s spirit guide, whom Browne channeled during recorded interviews.  This section describes how the soul of the celebrity entered the afterlife and what they are doing now.  A couple celebrities also had sections from Browne, describing how she had been involved with the spirit of the deceased prior to writing this book.

The celebrities Brown covers include Paul Newman, Marilyn Monroe, Cary Grant, George Carlin, Rock Hudson, Heath Ledger, Grace Kelly, John Kennedy Jr., Walter Cronkite, Abraham Lincoln, Michael Jackson, Princess Diana, George Harrison and many more!  I was especially interested to read about George Carlin’s experience upon entering the afterlife, since he’d been so thoroughly anti-God in his lifetime.  This is an excerpt from Francine’s description:

I wish you could have seen the look of shock on George’s face when he emerged from the tunnel and rediscovered that there really is life after death after all.  And when he found his first wife, Brenda, waiting to greet him, he was stunned into a long silence while he held her, after which I’m told he gaped at the hundreds of spirits and animals who gathered for the reunion and said, “I’ll be damned.”  George is an excellent example of the fact that atheists are embraced on the Other Side as surely as the most devoutly religious, and with his humor, self-honesty, and misguided but honorable intentions, he tried to live a godly lifetime, no matter what words he used to define it.

Once he spent time [reviewing his previous incarnations], all his memories came flooding back, not only of the life on the Other Side to which he’d just returned, but also of the life that preceded this most recent one — he was a black man in the mid-1800s, wrongly convicted of and executed for a murder he did not commit, the murder of a white woman, which, it was later learned, was actually committed by the presiding judge.  It was understandable that George arrived angry and rebellious against “the system,” and it was brilliant of him to have charted a sense of humor that would allow him to express his outrage through the power of laughter… (pages 78-79)

It was very interesting to learn about the choices these souls had made about their life plans and the way they felt about how they did afterwards.  It added to my understanding of just how little we can truly grasp about ourselves and our mission here on Earth while we are still experiencing it.

Of course, not all of the souls chose to go “through the tunnel” to the Other Side.  Some remained Earth-bound for years, haunting their familiar places, until they were helped over to the Other Side, or else chose to go into what Browne calls “the Holding Place” – essentially what we know of as purgatory, where souls who chose to separate themselves from Love wait to reincarnate.

Reading Afterlives of the Rich and Famous helped me to realize in a new way just how much love, support and wisdom our souls and our spirit guides have to offer us (though we can always chose to deny it).  It’s also wonderful to have example after example of souls learning deeply from their life experiences and, sometimes, choosing new spiritual careers afterward.

I was often moved to tears while reading this, and I am very grateful to Browne for writing it. Definitely recommended reading!

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Love Is My Guiding Force

"Wonder" by Alex Grey

“All lovingly unfolds through time and space

Life constantly transforms, but in essence nothing changes

There is nothing to fear, there is only love

I am one with the Universe and stars

Love is my guiding force.”

– Toni Carmine Salerno

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It is Your Duty to Look After All Life

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Why Do Bad Things Happen?

I subscribe to Ross Bishop‘s e-mail newsletter, and was deeply touched by his message today.

by Ross Bishop

A while ago I wrote about abut the origin of our problems. I covered a lot of territory in that article, and had to leave some important topics out. As a result, I received a number of questions and some expressions of frustration.
A common feeling was expressed below:

She wrote:

I have been on my spiritual path for many years now and I do feel I have accomplished a certain level of awareness and consciousness.  I have been having many difficult experiences and emotional pain for some time now and I wonder when will I get a break??? Why do bad things happen to good people??

I am tired and I honestly believe I DO NOT DESERVE this pain. I know life has its up’s and down’s but I just need a break NOW. . . What can I do with my issues NOW ?????

This is a dilemma that is faced by many spiritual seekers. These people have done what they could – they have learned to meditate, done therapy, taken workshops, changed their diet, read the books and tried to bring their life in line with the spiritual path. Many of them have even taken up a healing art as an expression of their spiritual commitment. Yet life continues to throw problems their way. Money remains tight, there isn’t much real joy and the deeper spiritual insights they had hoped for have not come. On the surface, it doesn’t make much sense, and there is often a feeling of betrayal.

The essential dilemma here has to do with human nature. We are all willing to deal with the easy issues, but when it comes to the stuff (the beliefs about self) at the core, we can get pretty gun-shy. These beliefs can be very deeply rooted and difficult to dislodge. Most people balk at addressing them. They will often go through incredible gyrations to avoid addressing them.

Our beliefs have been with us for a long time (lifetimes), and some people are so accustomed to them they think they are part of who they are.

These are the core beliefs that maintain with absolute certainty that you are unworthy or unlovable – a piece of rubbish that no one but a sewer rat would want to associate with. In the “positive” they give you pride, urge you to push through your troubles, make you hungry for things like success and fame and make you believe that you can jump tall buildings. None of it is legitimate.

Trapped by the fear that these beliefs might be true, even as difficult as they are to live with, many people would rather leave them alone and try and cope with them rather than having to deal with the possibility of learning a most unpleasant truth. After all, what would you do if you learned that you really were unacceptable in God’s eyes?

Dealing with these deeply held beliefs brings up the muck that no one wants to address. But, it is also a place of significant spiritual potential. Being in the light is peaceful and pleasant, but transformation happens in the shadow. That is why shaman go there. That is also why life insists that everyone go there as well. Sooner or later, no matter how much you resist, you will be brought face to face with the dragon of your inner beliefs.

The Universe will be relentless in the pursuit of truth. Any place that you hold limiting beliefs, whether you are aware of them or not, will become a source of disruption and conflict. So long as your core beliefs remain unresolved, The Universe will (as it must) apply energy to everything you do that is based on those fears. We call this “having problems,” The Universe calls it “opportunities for learning.”

Most spiritual seekers work through the obvious issues with their initial efforts and are then urged to go deeper, which causes some to pause, and can lead to the feelings of betrayal I mentioned. The thing is, had these people not done this, The Universe was going to make them face these issues anyway, but not at a time of their choosing. Doing it on your terms is always MUCH easier.

When seekers are asked to confront these deeper issues, although they often do not feel ready, they really are. The Universe is very careful about that.

The simple truth is that there is more work to be done. Be angry, be upset with God if you like, it isn’t going to change anything. The anger and feelings of betrayal are really only a mask to deflect away from the core issues some part of you is reluctant to address. If you can go even deeper, you will find that what is really driving all of this are the issues you have with God.

Core beliefs can require spiritual dynamite to dislodge. That is why life is sometimes so very painful. However, it does not have to be as painful as we often make it. I searched for years looking for the best approach and found it in the ancient shamanic journey process. It is the only really effective method for bringing people to their truth that I have found. I generally recommend that people not do this work alone – get a good shaman – it makes the process a good deal easier.

Bad things happen to good people because these people are still holding on to their core beliefs. Regardless of all the affirmations and positive thoughts, these people still do not really love themselves. They do not appreciate the wonderful special beings they are, and they are not yet able to really accept God’s love.

The answer? There is only one. . .

there is always only one answer:
love yourself.

When you address your core beliefs, you tear down the biggest barriers to your enjoyment of life – it is that simple. It is just not simple to do.

If you want to know more about dealing with your core beliefs there are a number of articles on my web site ( that may be of help. I also wrote about this topic at length in each of my three books.
Copyright©2010 Blue Lotus Press
Have a question or a comment? email Ross

Lately in my daily meditations, my guides have been sending me this same message: JUST LOVE YOURSELF, trust in the plan and all will be well. I have been spending a lot of time thinking “I love May” and notice that the days I’m focused on self-love are much smoother and pleasant for me. My guides are showing me how I am strong and invaluable to them and the Universe, but that I need to set aside my hatred and cruelty towards myself… which is especially difficult for me at the moment.

Being unemployed and not being able to provide as I feel I should for my family (my fiance & our cats) is something I’m judging myself for – though I know I shouldn’t as I’m right where Krishna wants me to be. So is having Asperger’s Syndrome, which I don’t think I’ve mentioned here before, though I talk about it quite a bit on my other blog. It’s a high-functioning form of Autism that makes it incredibly difficult for me to connect with others face-to-face. It also shapes my personality, interests, appearance, voice and brain functioning, of course. I only recently found out about it, and I’m still wrestling with how inseparable it is from who I am.

This morning in meditation I asked Krishna why I had to have Asperger’s and he responded that I had to have it in order to be the person I am, because I am going to incite change in people and have a far greater affect than I realize. Without the Asperger’s I wouldn’t have this crazy restlessness that drives me to do all of the art and writing and self-improvement work that I do. I wouldn’t have the strange and beautiful outlook on life that I do without it. I just wouldn’t be ME. Which, I’m very slowly accepting, is a wonderful thing to be.

This is something that I’m just taking on a day-to-day basis. Otherwise it would overwhelm me. It’s strange how strong and sure and yet how weak and confused I feel! My human self is all agog, but my Higher Self feels more like a conquering warrior than ever.

The journey never gets less interesting, huh? 🙂

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