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The Wheel Keeps Turning

I went through a very difficult journey the past few days.  I was dealing with old energies from my childhood. I made some unhappy realizations like my inner child is so far incapable of believing that being molested didn’t ruin her and that she is absol-freaking-lutely TERRIFIED by masculinity. I had no idea…. I had to work with some very painful emotions and energies and I know I’m not done, just out on another spiral of my journey. It’s hard.

As if to make me feel better after that, I was meditating and was climbing Yggdrasil, the World Tree, when it suddenly turned into a bridge I was walking across… and into Asgard. I met with Odin and Thor and they helped me with my fear and my pain and told me what I needed to hear and then they blessed me. I fell in love with Thor all over again, recognizing how my deep love of thunderstorms is all part of my love for him. That was a surprising and blessed experience.

Now, on a completely different topic, if you don’t mind me self-selling a bit, I have self-published my first book of poetry, called Truth, Love, Blood and Bones. You can read more about it on my other blog, if you’ re interested. 🙂


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Blood & Stone

Something different for you…. a short story I wrote that is kinda morality tale about respecting the Earth… Hope you enjoy!

When Gaia was young, her spirit longed to stretch itself. So plants appeared, birds, insects and animals, fairies, sprites and humans flew or walked across and within her mighty body. Gaia was happy flitting around herself with new eyes and new powers and all the creatures she carried lived in balance and harmony.

But one day a man called Stone became convinced that he had no true connection to the people and things he saw around him or the earth beneath his feet. He began telling the other men they should take from the earth enough in one blow to never need again and so live out their years in ease and pleasure. Together they began widening the cavern from which the people took their precious metal for the sacred rituals of birth, initiation, the change of the seasons, union and death.

They lay Gaia bare and harbored what should have been the wealth of generations for themselves. They stopped tilling, hunting, creating and gathering in favor of buying what they wanted, making the sacred profane and common.

Soon others heard of this state of affairs and they too wanted to have the riches of generations for their own.  They dug up what was precious until it became hard to find and some forced their children into dangerous underground passages to seek out ever more gold to sate their greed, even turning to taking from one another.

The women, who now were doing all the work of being human and caring for the community, became concerned as violence between men and tribes increased. Under the guise of harvest they gathered together in a great field, filling it with laughter and dancing until a wise woman named Blood stood atop a hillock and raised her arms, requesting silence.

When no more sound ran through them than the playful wind, she spoke: “My sisters, we have all seen the shameful changes brought about by lust for owning what is not ours to have. Our children are not protected and our work has doubled while tribes weaken and die. Our precious rituals have been tainted and our sacred source polluted. Gaia is calling out for balance. Blood has been shed and gold stolen. Blood and gold must be returned for her to rest in peace once more.” The council of women agreed it was so.

With their path clear, they returned home, some in silence, others in song or with clapping hands and drum, but all were somber thinking on what must be done. When they returned to the village, they gathered all the gold they could find and placed it in the mouth of their once-sacred cave out of which they could hear the sounds of mining.

When the moon came up, all the women in all the villages joined hands and began to hum a secret tone that caused Gaia to tremble and the stars to halt their endless journey and take note. Upon this, another tone was taken up, then another, until they formed a powerful chord. The women raised their joined hands and wished for deliverance.

Low rumbling sounded beneath them, growing into a roar loud as a sudden tsunami crashing against the shore. The women watched as Gaia reclaimed her sacred caverns. They sank deep into the ground, taking the men with them and leaving large depressions in the ground.

The women bowed down and tanked Gaia, touching their faces to hers as rain began to fall. They let it bathe them together and it filled all the empty spaces left from the sinking cavers with lakes of pure water.

They returned home to find them men who hadn’t been mining terrified, but the women welcomed them as brothers and led them back to the lakes to be purified. But some would not, choosing the wild instead of life with the tribe.

When the earthquakes come now, the women say Gaia is laughing at those who thought to use her as they would. And every spring when the first rains have renewed the lakes, the tribes bathe together in remembrance of what was lost and what was saved.

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Happy Spring!

Today is the Spring Equinox and I am celebrating growth and rebirth, represented by Eostre, goddess of fertility & growth.  According to

Eostre is the Pagan holiday that celebrates the return of spring and the balance between light and dark on, or around, the Spring Equinox. Eostre was the Pagan goddess of dawn, fertility and new beginnings. The Christian celebration of Christ’s rebirth, Easter, is also celebrated around this time and got its name from Eostre.

Her symbols are the egg and the hare (sound familiar?) and I plan to celebrate today by using Selena Fox’s suggestion:

Make a growth charm out of a hard-boiled egg — decorate it with symbols, write on it the quality you would like to manifest more fully within yourself, energize it, and then eat it.

I plan to use the Eihwaz, Algiz, and Mannaz runes to call for a community of trust worthy friends who’ve all got each others backs.

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Mary, Queen of Heaven

My favorite goddesses are sky goddesses (I blame my spacey way of thinking) and thanks to my ex, I got into Mary worship, which is about as close as I get to christianity these days.  But, since recent issues with my very strict crazy baptist parents have made me more grouchy than usual at the Xian gods, I decided I was going to re-write the Hail Mary for myself.  I did this because many women through the years have prayed this prayer to Mary and I think there is so much power in it because of that.  I tried to keep my version similar, but it’s definitely MY prayer now and not that of the catholic church:

Hail Mary, full of grace,
Please be with me.
Blessed art thou among women
and blessed is the fruit of thy womb.
Holy Mary, mother of mystery,
Be with your daughter,
Now and when I most need love.

You can read the original version here.

If you like my version, please feel free to use it!  I’d love to have others imbuing it with power — I’m a big believer in the power of our collective consciousness.

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Personal Mythology

I just finished reading Truth or Dare: Encounters with Power, Authority and Mystery the other day. I highly recommend it to everyone, but the reason I bring it up today is because in it Starhawk suggests an exercise that I finally attempted this morning: writing one’s personal mythology.

Here’s what I came up with:

The Myth of May

There once was a girl, but she was Troubled and her family was afraid of her. She was afraid of them too and she ran away to the Cold East. But the Wind was like ice cutting through her, leeching at her memory, personality. And she wandered across the country to the Golden West as if a ghost. She needed someone to name her True Name, but she was a stranger. Then, one day, a Raven passing over head dropped a stone into her lap as she lay reclining against a tree. She smiled, cupping it in her hands and as she washed it in the nearby stream, the bubbling seemed to form her name and suddenly she knew who she was again. Returning home to the Great Plains, she found that the plants adorning the front garden had completely grown over, choking the house. But the Sky and the Land remembered her and embraced her and she danced between them in joy.

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