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Meeting Your Spirit Guide

I originally posted this elsewhere, but a friend requested that I post it here as well. So, here we go….

Every person has a spirit guide – a friend who helps us along in life, whether or not we realize it. Some people can see their spirit guide, and some cannot, but they are always watching over you, waiting to help.

Sometimes when you’re asleep at night, your own spirit body will travel out on its silver cord to be with your spirit guide. Sometimes you go places together and then dream about them.

Sometimes your spirit guide will whisper to you in your mind. Usually you can hear him or her if you are in some danger and they are warning you to be careful.

From Mountains, Meadows and Moonbeans by Mary Summer Rain

Getting to know your spirit guide more can help you access information about your life that you might not know otherwise. Communication is telepathic, and usually we can become aware of it during meditation, dreams, or just by learning how to focus your thoughts to receive messages. The more you practice, the easier it gets. You are probably doing it already, but not aware of someone’s else’s thoughts versus your own.

The role of your guides is to gently but consistently guide you via intuitive nudges to stay on track with your soul’s purpose. In addition, if something is in your purpose to accomplish, you will find support from your spirit guides in that endeavour. They will hook you up with resources, people, money, books to help you reach your goals. They can offer insight and comfort when you feel lost.

But there is one important condition to the help they can give us and this condition serves us:

Your spirit guides will only help you to accomplish and achieve things that honour the purpose that YOU set for yourself before you incarnated.

Guides will not tell you what to do. They may recommend a course of action that aligns with your path, but they will ultimately leave it up to you. (Source)

To contact your spirit guide, try this exercise:

In a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed, sit comfortably in front of a candle or any spiritual object/symbol that makes you feel safe. You might want to have a pen and paper handy to write down messages you recieve.

As you look at the candle, focus on your breath and on the flame. Imagine a white light surrounding you and protecting you against all negativity. When you feel safe and calm, put out this intention with your mind:

I wish to contact my spirit guide.

You can think it over and over, if it helps you stay focused, or just release the intention out into the ether. Remain focused and wait for your spirit guide to arrive.

When he/she arrives, introduce yourself politely and ask him/her to do the same.

Ask if they have any messages for you and see what they say or what images you see in your mind’s eye, etc.

Thank them for their help and the message.

Allow yourself to come back to the present, and write down anything you want to remember about your guide and the messages you received.

Now that you’ve become aware of your guide, you can acknowledge them and speak to them anytime your mind is calm and receptive. 🙂

Adapted from How to Contact Your Spirit Guides


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Sacred Marriage & a Soul Memory

My partner and I were joined in marriage this Saturday. At a recent Heart Blessing where Saint Germain was channelled, he asked to attend and to bring friends with him. Of course, I said yes, and during the closing prayer as I closed my eyes, I saw/felt the yard full of entities there to bless our marriage.

It was also a blessing to be able to marry before our child is born – something we weren’t sure was going to happen. There seemed something so right about our child being at the event as well, especially because of a recent soul memory that surfaced for me in a dream. In the memory, my soul was between incarnations in “heaven.” An angel came to me – an angel that I recognized as the soul incarnating as my child – and told me that he had something important for me to see. I was surprised and intrigued as we traveled at the speed of thought to a place I understood as a birthing place for souls. It looked like a quickly spinning galaxy. There were a few other observers there when we arrived. We “stood” there waiting, when suddenly a new soul emerged from the “galaxy” and I understood deeply that this soul had been made specifically for me, to compliment me and to help me grow in my path. I also recognized the soul as the person I just married. In the memory, I fell instantly in love with him – as I did when I saw him in this incarnation. How blessed I am that the soul who introduced us will now be born as our child!

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Message from Dolphin

“Follow Your FUN!”

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Intro to Peruvian Shamanism

Went to an Intro to Peruvian Shamanism class today and wanted to share some of the things that stuck out to me:

  • Flower water can be used to cleanse in the same way sage is. Put some on your hands, rub them together, clap 3 times, bring your hands to your face and breathe in deeply, and finally rub the remaining water over your head and down your body.
  • 3 Worlds or realms of existence are the middle (everyday life/realm of discovery), upper (celestial real with ancestors, angels and star relatives) and lower (realm of totem animals and fairies/our interior world).
  • Altars act as transistors for elemental energy.
  • To release heavy energy, place the left hand on the affected body area and the right hand on the Earth. Let the energy flow from your left hand through your heart into your right hand and release it into the Earth.

We did a shamanic meditation in which I first followed fox through the woods, then wolf through the tundra where rainbow lights flickered in the sky into the lower realm. There I ran about, swam, and flew around enjoying myself and taking in all the magical entities. Then I came to a pool in a forest, fed by a waterfall where a boa waited for me. I followed him through the water into an underground cave where the ceiling was covered in constellation-like paintings that glowed dimly.

The snake told me this was my dream cave where I used to spend much time as a child, but lately haven’t been spending any time on my dreams. He said I need to take time out to fantasize about amazing larger-than-life things so that they can be brought into my life. He told me to start imagining things I wanted to do and I started off small but got more and more audacious with my dreams. As I did this, the paintings began to glow brighter and brighter.

Then the snake told me that when I meditate in the mornings I always go to the upper realm, but I need to start visiting the lower realm as well, to integrate my totems more into my life experience. He told me to ask Krishna how to travel from the upper to the lower realm and then to come daily for teachings from the animals and fairies.

I’m so excited at how everything I learn builds and builds and builds into new ways of seeing myself and my practice. And I’m excited to have new tools to use in cleansing and meditation! How wonderful to be blessed and loved by the Universe.

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The Shift

selenite crystal in vase

Taken from my journal entry, written yesterday:

This whole lay-off time so far I’ve been asking my guides “What am I to do?” Everything I did, each choice I made felt wrong. I felt all inside-out and confused. Last night I prayed that sleeping on it would reveal the answer. Then, a few minutes ago, the crystal deva in my beautiful selenite crystal (now featured glamorously in a flowering glass vase [shown]) appeared to me in her gown of starlight and shimmering headdress, and gently reminded me that “Honor is the essential thing” for spiritual transformation. Like how love transforms via the heart chakra, honor does through the crown chakra.  Suddenly this day, seen through the eyes of deep respect, became a beautiful gift. A time to rest, be at peace, meditate. I was so attached to my working lifestyle that I kept refusing to see the gift before me.


It is both encouraging and discouraging that all it takes to set me right is a shift of perspective.

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For over a year as we’ve approached this level of ascension, my dreams have involved me in my role as divine messanger, zipping around like Hermes with wings on my ankles, working to get all the different groups of light (i.e. groups of people,  how I saw them in the dreamstate as if on a map they look like clumps of light) to join together in their intentions. It was an oddly peaceful thing for me.

But lately, I’ve noticed that my dreams have once more dropped down into being about me and what’s in my head. Which leads to much less fun dreams. Once again, I have been having dreams of being trapped in a house unable to escape. I used to have these dreams a lot and they always starred my mother or my older sister (who played my mother role more than my real mother when I was growing up) as the person barring me from exiting. This last one was totally random! I was one of many people trapped in a house where we were supposed to spend the rest of our lives in order to keep us from “proper society.”

Not really sure if these dreams are just the result of how isolated I feel in general or if there’s something more specific bringing them on….

Generally though, I have to say, I’m much happier in my dreams when I am fulfilling a purpose rather than feeling trapped and/or hunted. It’s led to some rough nights. Maybe I should consult my oracles about my dreams and see if they are pointing to something significant I need to deal with.

Anyone else notice a change in their dream state lately?

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On my last vision quest I was impressed with the importance of being able to move symbols from the collective unconscious and my dreams into the “real world.”  That has led me to creating a whole mess of drawings celebrating life and using/reinterpretating ancient symbols as I see them.  It’s been so exciting to watch a flood of creativity burst out of me with the knowledge that I am supposed to be doing this.  It helps me inbue the drawings I make with my power and excitement and I think that makes a big difference.  Here are some of my favorites:

If you’re interested in seeing more, you can find them at my DeviantArt page.

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