Book Review: The Last Conception

April 27, 2015 at 4:57 pm Leave a comment

Hello, everyone. I need to start this out with an apology to author, Gabriel Constans, who sent me a copy of The Last Conception a VERY long time ago. Due to personal reasons and triggers, I wasn’t able to complete my reading for a long time and it has taken me still longer to write this up! I apologize sincerely and thank you for your patience.

The Last Conception is a novel about Savarna Sikand, an Indian-American lesbian who works as an embryologist. She is caught between pressures of her queer community and the pressures of her cultural heritage. Her parents are specifically concerned with her having a child, which makes coming out to them all the more difficult.They insist that her family, in particular, must bear a child to be heir to the mysterious, miraculous lineage they bear.

As the story develops, Savarna transforms from a woman who is reacting to the people around her into a woman who acts with confidence and self-assurance. As she changes, so do her relationships and her choices. She chooses to claim who she is with boldness, and it begins her on a journey that she never expected to take.

Blending spirituality, sexuality, physical limitations, and medical decisions in a unique way, The Last Conception is a story like no other I’ve read. Constans weaves these over-arching themes into a journey that will surprise and delight readers.

You can purchase your own copy of The Last Conception by following this link.

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