Two Meditations on the Rune Inguz

November 11, 2011 at 7:02 pm 1 comment

Runes are most commonly used in divination, but they are also helpful meditation tools. Today I’m going to share two recent meditations on the run Inguz. Inguz as a symbol stands for fertility, DNA, reincarnation, lunar & earthly magic, germination, growth, spiritual aspiration and the manipulation of the natural environment. So I was not surprised that both meditations focused on my body, my pregnancy and my energy field.

For runes, the color of activation is always red, so each meditation began with steady breathing, then I imagined the lines of the rune glowing red, as if with fire. The center of the rune opened like a portal of light.

In the first meditation, I went through the Inguz portal and saw a red mist and nothing else at first. I heard a heartbeat that I mistook for my own at first, until I realized that I was inside my own womb where a child currently grows inside me, and that the heartbeat belong to the child. I saw my baby sleeping peacefully in the womb.  I energetically cradled it and gave thanks for the vision of my child as healthy and safe.

That was the first meditation, which was rather short.

The next one, started the same way, but when I went through the portal this time, I entered the white bright star which I understood as my own spirit energy. I merged with the light, breathing deeply. I saw it soak into my human body where it touched all parts of me, moving from large organs to the tiny twisting strands of my DNA. Each strand was purified by the light. I saw clouds of darkness leaving my DNA, releasing me from the darkness of past lives and ancestral problems I’d inherited. When I saw my DNA full of light, my inner sight moved me to the child within and its DNA strands, embedding them with light and love through my intention. I saw the unborn child’s body full of light, blessing us both with its brightness. I came back to myself with my hand resting on my baby bump, grateful for the purification of the body that comes through Spirit and grateful for the connection I have with my unborn child.


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Wisdom from the Goddess Aeronwen Fairy/Child Meditation

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