Celebrate Wildness

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Seal Island, Scotland

In meditation yesterday, I was led by one of my animal totems, the dolphin, to an island that most people would consider “deserted.” It was a wild place where only sea birds and seals lived… or so it seemed, until I was met by a a small fairy creature that looked like a mossy tree branch.

This fellow spoke to me saying that I should be careful not to lose my wildness or to associate wildness with uncontrollable behavior or self-destruction. Then he transformed into a very tall human-like, sage green figure with green hair and curling satyr horns. With a very grave face, he informed me that wildness – both in myself and in the Earth – need to be encouraged & fostered. He then left me alone to meditate on the wild nature of the island.

As I observed the birds, animals and the waves moving about the island I began to perceive that I had been thinking of wildness only in terms of its shadow side. The light side of wildness, which I observed there in meditation, included:

  • peaceful stillness;
  • the simple trust of creatures that everything will be provided for them;
  • change through gentle, constant repetition (as waves change the shoreline);
  • and joy in simply BEing and DOing as the inner self directs.
I came back to myself with the determination to foster this joyful wildness inside me and to make a point to touch nature more often – lying in the grass, walking through the leaves, leaning against/hugging trees and however else I can make contact with nature to keep myself in tune with Earth’s rhythms.

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