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Two Meditations on the Rune Inguz

Runes are most commonly used in divination, but they are also helpful meditation tools. Today I’m going to share two recent meditations on the run Inguz. Inguz as a symbol stands for fertility, DNA, reincarnation, lunar & earthly magic, germination, growth, spiritual aspiration and the manipulation of the natural environment. So I was not surprised that both meditations focused on my body, my pregnancy and my energy field.

For runes, the color of activation is always red, so each meditation began with steady breathing, then I imagined the lines of the rune glowing red, as if with fire. The center of the rune opened like a portal of light.

In the first meditation, I went through the Inguz portal and saw a red mist and nothing else at first. I heard a heartbeat that I mistook for my own at first, until I realized that I was inside my own womb where a child currently grows inside me, and that the heartbeat belong to the child. I saw my baby sleeping peacefully in the womb.  I energetically cradled it and gave thanks for the vision of my child as healthy and safe.

That was the first meditation, which was rather short.

The next one, started the same way, but when I went through the portal this time, I entered the white bright star which I understood as my own spirit energy. I merged with the light, breathing deeply. I saw it soak into my human body where it touched all parts of me, moving from large organs to the tiny twisting strands of my DNA. Each strand was purified by the light. I saw clouds of darkness leaving my DNA, releasing me from the darkness of past lives and ancestral problems I’d inherited. When I saw my DNA full of light, my inner sight moved me to the child within and its DNA strands, embedding them with light and love through my intention. I saw the unborn child’s body full of light, blessing us both with its brightness. I came back to myself with my hand resting on my baby bump, grateful for the purification of the body that comes through Spirit and grateful for the connection I have with my unborn child.


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Wisdom from the Goddess Aeronwen

lady of the lake 3 pictures, backgrounds and images

As I sat before my altar, intoning OM repeatedly, the image of a raven I have there seemed to come alive. I followed it as it flew through mist and over water, then over an ancient forest, where a dove rose up to meet it. The birds dove to the ground and my spirit followed. They perched on a large boulder while I looked around at the nearby cave, lake and surrounding forest, waiting to see what would reveal itself to me.

I didn’t wait long before a tall woman with long black hair, wearing a shining white dress appeared to me. She introduced herself as “The Lady of the Lake,” and I recognized her from a past-life flashback that I’d had earlier this year.

Let me break briefly from my description of this meditation to describe her and our relationship to you:
Aeronwen is a goddess of fate who determines which side wins in battles. She is sometimes associated with Agrona and Morrigan. The raven is sacred to her as is Glyndyfrdwy, Wales, where there is a shrine to her on the river Dee. The name of this location can be translated as “Water of the Goddess.” Allegedly, human sacrifices were offered to her through drowning.

In a vision I had earlier this year, it was revealed to me that many of my lifetimes ago, I was the daughter of a cheiftain, engaged to our tribe’s fiercest warrior who I loved passionately. We were engaged to be married, but our tribe (who lived near Aeronwen’s sacred site) and those around us and our way of life were threatened by Christians invading our lands. One night as I slept, Aeronwen appeared to me, and told me that I could single-handedly save my tribe, my father and my lover from the invaders – at least for a period of several decades, when my father would have passed on and my lover would have passed into old age. The only way this could come to pass, however, was if I sacrificed myself in the lake, allowing myself to drown. When I woke, I shared my dream with my father, and he agreed that it was a true vision, though the idea of my sacrifice saddened him deeply. Knowing I could save my people, I went to the lake and plunged in, forcing myself to let my body sink into the dark water. As I passed from that life, the goddess appeared brilliantly before me, leading me to the heavens.

So when she appeared to me in this recent meditation, I recognized her immediately. She asked me if I remembered meeting her before, and I responded that I did. She then directed me to sit before a small pool of water near the cave, where she wanted me to scry. At first, all I saw was my face and her’s over my shoulder, but then I saw the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, where a seabird who’d landed there looking for scraps had tangled its wing in some plastic and couldn’t break free. Moved with compassion, I prayed for the bird’s freedom and watched as the plastic dissolved and the bird flew away. Then, the vision shifted and I saw a turtle lower down in the patch, swimming through the toxic water, looking for a safe place to go.

As I watched this, the goddess spoke to me, saying that I must not let go of my vision to change the world for the better or to allow myself to think that I am powerless to do so (as I’d been thinking just the day before this happened). She told me to remember that love and passion are the only things that will change the world for the better and that I must be as passionate about helping my human and animal families now as I was about saving my tribe when I sacrificed myself to her. Our animal friends, she said, are adapting as best they can, but they need help from humans to clean habitats, change laws and teach respect for all forms of life.

I thanked her for her wisdom and guidance and the scene disappeared from my mind’s eye and once more I was back in front of my altar.

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Celebrate Wildness


Seal Island, Scotland

In meditation yesterday, I was led by one of my animal totems, the dolphin, to an island that most people would consider “deserted.” It was a wild place where only sea birds and seals lived… or so it seemed, until I was met by a a small fairy creature that looked like a mossy tree branch.

This fellow spoke to me saying that I should be careful not to lose my wildness or to associate wildness with uncontrollable behavior or self-destruction. Then he transformed into a very tall human-like, sage green figure with green hair and curling satyr horns. With a very grave face, he informed me that wildness – both in myself and in the Earth – need to be encouraged & fostered. He then left me alone to meditate on the wild nature of the island.

As I observed the birds, animals and the waves moving about the island I began to perceive that I had been thinking of wildness only in terms of its shadow side. The light side of wildness, which I observed there in meditation, included:

  • peaceful stillness;
  • the simple trust of creatures that everything will be provided for them;
  • change through gentle, constant repetition (as waves change the shoreline);
  • and joy in simply BEing and DOing as the inner self directs.
I came back to myself with the determination to foster this joyful wildness inside me and to make a point to touch nature more often – lying in the grass, walking through the leaves, leaning against/hugging trees and however else I can make contact with nature to keep myself in tune with Earth’s rhythms.

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