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Initiate Egyptian Mysteries Meditation

I’ve had the book Shamanic Mysteries of Egypt by Nicki Scully and Linda Star Wolf in my possession for a while now, but my Spirit told me I wasn’t quite ready to dive into it.  But today, I was led to do the first meditation in the book, which is the meditation of the dove or the initiate.

In the meditation, I offered up the parts of my life I want to change on my heart-flame altar, then jumped off a cliff, transforming to a dove as I fell.  I went through a tunnel of light to ancient Egypt and saw myself as a priestess/healer. I was visiting a poor house, where a father and his son greeted me enthusiastically.

I went inside to find their daughter/sister lying ill on the bed. I crossed over to her, laid my body upon her and prayed that her illness would be transferred into my body, and that my body and the energy of the Universe would heal me as I took that on.  I could feel and see in my mind’s eye my cells doing the processing.  When I felt the process was done, I pulled myself off the girl, and she jumped up, hale and hearty.

I walked back to the temple, where my acolyte – who is a woman I have been seeing in visions and calling to me as my dream lover – took me by the hand and led me to a couch where we lay together. I was resting from my massive energy out-put and she was just loving and supporting me.

This was powerful for me in many ways, but one way in particular I’ll mention is the acolyte/dream lover I saw.  This is a soul who I recently met in this lifetime. He’s in a man’s body this time. We both felt a deep connection when we first met, and I knew that we had history in Egypt together. I had wondered why being with this man makes me feel like I’m being super-charged with light and power! Now I feel like I understand. I am so grateful to have this soul back in my life, and so grateful for the deeper understanding this meditation brought to my awareness.



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