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Fairy Messages

The following are some of my recent drawings with messages I have received from the fairies during meditation over the past several weeks. I hope this lightens your heart as it did mine 🙂

More play! More laughter! More dancing! More sunshine! Follow your bliss and we will bless you!

Beware kill-joys and closed minds. They act like candle snuffers for fairy light.

Remember that what is Unseen is more True than what is felt, seen and heart in the visible realm. Keep your focus on the Spirit and all will be well.

Keep growing plants, drawing, dancing, playing and looking/listening for beautiful surprises from the Universe. This will help you.

We are always here for you. We will help in times of need.

Play! Be joyful!

Don’t forget to dance, delight in plants and animals and let your whimsy lead you. The more you do, the more we can play with you.


October 14, 2010 at 5:16 pm 2 comments

New Poem: Following Spirit’s Lead

My ego, like a beggar’s rags,

was ripped away, revealing queenly garb beneath.

My soul is crowned with Love

and its reign will never end.

Following the Spirit’s lead,

I have taken hidden paths,

walked and talked with the gods and angels,

seen the unquenchable blossom of flame unfolding in the Center of us all,

burning away my fear, leaving me sage and silent.

Who can say what overwhelming grace the Universe will shower me with next?

Each minute reveals infinite compassion streaming through all forms of reality.

Do not be confused, dear soul;

all which does not bring you peace is illusion.

Let your mind unfurl like the limitless sky,

beyond its clouds of doubt.

Otherwise, how can I take you seriously

when Krishna laughs behind his hand

at all your notions of “truth”?

(Copyright by me, 2010)

October 2, 2010 at 6:22 pm 3 comments

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