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Soul Connections

My guides have been teaching me some astounding things about my soul’s journey before I was here and the connections it/I formed. Two recent realizations have helped me to comprehend the power of my soul, the incredible significance and value of being in touch with the Invisible Realm beyond the Material Forms we currently embody, and the vast love and power always on hand to assist us!

I have mentioned my Spirit Guide Malachi before. He’s been one of the entities I talk to in my meditations and one who gives me very sage advice. I see him as a curly brown haired, bearded man who wears a loose robe and sandals. Now, I was reading Sylvia Browne’s Temples on the Other Side and she said that the Council of Elders there, who counsels souls before and during incarnations, was headed by a man named Malachi and it blew my mind. I couldn’t wait to meditate to ask my Malachi if he was the same Malachi who heads the Elders. He admitted he was one and the same and I was instantly even more grateful for his wisdom and his personal attention.

But even more amazing was to discover what my guides call my First Form – the original expression of my soul within the Universe. This came about over two days as I began to question the Fox spirit that guides me from the Higher Realm to the Lower Realm in my meditations. I sensed such love and joy from her that it seemed she was hiding something from me. So I asked her why she was the one who led me, and she brushed me off with a response about how her Fox characteristics made her the best guide for me – but I could tell she was holding something back in a somewhat teasing fashion!

The next day I asked her again why I felt we were so deeply connected and she then revealed that in my First Form I was a Fox Trickster in the Lower Realm where I bothered bear, played with the fairies, and generally caused fun and mischief wherever I went.She had been my mate through ageless seasons there. She even told me a couple of stories from my life there and they rang so true with me! I was astounded and overjoyed to realize this great wisdom about myself. I was also amazed to find another guide had been my partner in a previous lifetime.

My guides want you to know that we must all begin to realize our True Selves and how powerful we are.

Blessings on your journey, dear friends.


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