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Thunderstorm Mandala

Thunderstorm Mandala I made that day

Woke up yesterday and the sky was rumbling and rolling, clouds made it dark and I went on the porch to do yoga, letting my cats come out with me. We were out there until the storm became violent and swept us inside. I had to go back out, once I realized its severity, to save my plants from drowning on the sides of the porch where they normally sit.

My own head’s been a bit thunderous too lately. And I’ve been overwhelmed with the grace of my guides (Krishna, Quan Yin, Clarissa [my future daughter], Malachi [my spirit guide] and Gabriel [the angel] have all been appearing) who, in my daily meditations, are just insisting on making sure I feel absolutely loved before I “leave” (ha!) their presence.

I have a bad habit of getting caught up in self-judgment & had been slipping because I was feeling so down, and, having thoroughly absorbed my childhood lesson that bad attitudes are WRONG, my mind kept jabbering on and on about the long list of my sins.

Quan Yin’s teaching to me on this was:

When the wind blows, the water moves. So when you are moved to tears, or feel bad, it is the same way. Don’t be ashamed of it, or judge it. Just let it be.

So though it took me a few days after receiving this teaching to be able to actualize it, I finally let my pain be yesterday. And I cried and cried and cried, shaking and bawling like a little girl, moaning and aching with deep pain and grief and anguish for myself, for people, for this world, for our past and futures. Deep shuddering breaths – or gasps – kept coming… I just couldn’t get enough air, each sign felt like release and gradually I felt my heart and sacral chakras had lost a great weight.

Kinda like how the Earth feels more expansive after a good storm.

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