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Angel Meditation Videos

I meditated with my friend Ruth this morning to some videos we just stumbled across on YouTube when searching for meditations. I suggest you take a few minutes, breathe deeply and open your eyes and self while you watch these. If you’re anything like me, they will impact you far beyond your expectations!

(Click here to see embedded video)

(Click here to see embedded video)

(Click here to see embedded video)

Hope you enjoyed these! I’d love to hear your thoughts…


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Krishna Is Love

This is based on the vision of Krishna I mentioned quite a while ago. I’ve been trying to condense it into a poem ever since. I also reference part of Krishna’s story: Krishna, according to legend, grew up with cow herders and all of the women, married or not, fell in love with him when he became a man. They would pine for him and at one point he joined all of them in the woods, appearing to each woman, who each thought she had his “undivided attention.” He danced with them in a traditional circular dance before they got down to making love. That’s what the beginning and ending lines are referring to. The section in italics is a quote from a translation of the Mahabarata.

Krishna Vision

Like one of Krishna’s cowgirls, I wait

upon his pleasure. When he joins me,

my sapphire lord clasps me in ecstatic embrace,

and the dross falls from my eyes.

I see how I mirror his

rainbow brilliant,

crystal clear,

mountain mighty perfection –

inseparable, vision and beholder.

The universe, a prism,

refracts his serene loveliness in innumerable ways.

Everywhere are his hands and legs,

his eyes and faces.

He looks on me with lotus eyes of compassion

from behind the masks of insects,

birds, beasts, family, friends, lovers,

strangers and even enemies.

He blooms from the center of each glowing star

and spiraling galaxy. All that is,

was, or shall be echoes his grace,

his joy, his peace.

Grasped in his all-embracing arms,

I follow him through the endless dance.

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Thunderstorm Mandala

Thunderstorm Mandala I made that day

Woke up yesterday and the sky was rumbling and rolling, clouds made it dark and I went on the porch to do yoga, letting my cats come out with me. We were out there until the storm became violent and swept us inside. I had to go back out, once I realized its severity, to save my plants from drowning on the sides of the porch where they normally sit.

My own head’s been a bit thunderous too lately. And I’ve been overwhelmed with the grace of my guides (Krishna, Quan Yin, Clarissa [my future daughter], Malachi [my spirit guide] and Gabriel [the angel] have all been appearing) who, in my daily meditations, are just insisting on making sure I feel absolutely loved before I “leave” (ha!) their presence.

I have a bad habit of getting caught up in self-judgment & had been slipping because I was feeling so down, and, having thoroughly absorbed my childhood lesson that bad attitudes are WRONG, my mind kept jabbering on and on about the long list of my sins.

Quan Yin’s teaching to me on this was:

When the wind blows, the water moves. So when you are moved to tears, or feel bad, it is the same way. Don’t be ashamed of it, or judge it. Just let it be.

So though it took me a few days after receiving this teaching to be able to actualize it, I finally let my pain be yesterday. And I cried and cried and cried, shaking and bawling like a little girl, moaning and aching with deep pain and grief and anguish for myself, for people, for this world, for our past and futures. Deep shuddering breaths – or gasps – kept coming… I just couldn’t get enough air, each sign felt like release and gradually I felt my heart and sacral chakras had lost a great weight.

Kinda like how the Earth feels more expansive after a good storm.

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Photo: Gratitude Journal

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Morning & Evening I Give Thanks

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My focus of late, has been to keep myself centered in a place of spiritual listening and heartfelt gratitude. To that end, I’ve started praying EVERY MORNING, which I never chose to make a habit before.

I’m also trying to be more consistent with daily meditation. I’ve tried many meditation techniques and styles, but I finally discovered what process is best for me. I center myself with breath, imagine roots growing out of my base chakra into the Earth and then imagine a halo of light around my head and body, pulling me up to the light of Source, where I have been consistently greeted by my beautiful Krishna and Quan Yin (who I’ve loved for a long time and finally brought her into my home with a beautiful statue that reminds me of her grace). I greet them, listen to their gentle advice – always JUST the thing I need to keep in mind to stay centered that day – and enjoy the beautiful garden they tell me is my true home.

A few days ago, after I had heard them speak to me, I was preparing to end the meditation when they took me by the hands, smiling with pleasure, and told me they had a surprise for me. Of course, it was who I wanted most to see: Clarissa, my future daughter @ the age she most often appears to me (about 6ish). She was swinging in the garden and she was very happy to see me as well. She kept asking when we would finally get to be together and I had to just tell her I don’t know, but I hope it is very soon. (Sometimes being psychic is a very odd experience). She has appeared in my daily meditations since, usually just popping in to tell me she loves me. I’m not sure I can describe quite how that makes me feel.

Besides meditation, I have started keeping gratitude lists. I took a slim blank book I had on hand, decorated it and have been filling the inside with lists. Every evening I sit down and write out what I am grateful for that day, be it people, feelings, nature, abstract concepts or the gods. I know it is helping me to have an attitude that praises what happened throughout the day, and going to bed with a grateful heart, I think, helps me to wake up “on the right side of the bed.”

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