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“Look Up”

The past couple of weeks, I’ve just been off.  Despite my best efforts, I wasn’t feeling deeply connected to Source – evidenced by my cranky, moody, poor-me outlook.  A series of events helped lead me back to my True Self, and here’s how:

Starry Night

Last Wednesday, a Shaman friend, my sweetie and myself went out to the country to star gaze. We spent about an hour laying on a blanket in a field, with fireflies zipping around us like shooting stars.  When I was young, I could see the stars from my bedroom window and my dad took us star gazing quite a bit. They are the first things I remember falling in love with and I always feel comforted to be able to soak up their light.  I felt a peace I hadn’t been able to find for a week and a half, but sadly, it didn’t stay with me as much as I would have liked the next day, which led to:

Gratitude Lists

I decided that one of the ways I could help get my positive perspective back was to make a list of 10 things I was grateful for.  I’ve been doing that every day since, which shows me just how much I have to be happy about, and the gratitude just starts pouring out.

Joey Klein Technique

This past Friday, I went to a Joey Klein event where he explained how to move past negative emotions to find positivity in any situation. The technique he taught was essentially this: Imagine yourself in a tube of light, which you ascend, connecting with Source as a bright light. From that sacred space, examine the situation that is causing you trouble and allow any negative emotions to arise.  Next, ask yourself what positive outcome could result from this situation and after you have meditated on that, imagine yourself and your problem dissolving in the bright light of Source.

I could tell all this was starting to take effect when I woke up the next morning overwhelmed with sadness at my previous ingratitude and full of love for my sweetie and Spirit and everything in the Universe that I couldn’t stop crying for a while.  The next morning, I had a similar wake-up, and the gratitude I felt when I wrote my list was even more powerful than it had been before.  I was starting to come back to myself, but hadn’t quite yet made it when the Universe sent me a

Thunder Storm

Here in Missouri, as in other Midwestern states, we get some powerful thunder storms, and last night was the most incredible one I’ve ever seen. I stood outside for about 20 minutes watching the rain pelt down, listening to the long, rolling thunder, and watching with dazzled eyes as the near-constant lightening was strobing in my eyes.  My awe and wonder and gratitude were overwhelming in that moment, and I added many tears to the storm.

Suddenly I knew that all the things I just told you about were leading up to one complete lesson my Higher Self/guides were teaching me about how to stay true to my True Self and after sobbing a bit more into the storm, I ran inside and wrote this in my journal:

The star gazing, Joey’s lesson, the gratitude list, and how THE MOST LIGHTENING-INTENSE THUNDERSTORM I’ve ever witnessed are all teaching me the same lesson: LOOK UP!!!

Look up physically because gazing at the sky relaxes and soothes me, helps me take new perspective, and is a major representation and vehicle of Divinity and divine messengers (birds, bees, butterflies, stars, bats, etc.)

Look up emotionally by CHOOSING to find a positive in every challenge, a new way to grown, a new reason for gratitude and joy.

Look up spiritually by asking Source to keep my channel clear, asking Gaia to keep me in balance and asking my Higher Self to lead me.

It was a lesson I sorely needed to learn and I’m so grateful for the teaching.

The love I feel effortlessly flowing from my heart is a blessing I deeply cherish.


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PSYCHIC: My Life in Two Worlds [Book Review]

I finished reading Psychic: My Life in Two Worlds by Sylvia Browne yesterday, and here’s what I thought:

Overall it was a very interesting true story about the life of Sylvia Browne, who is a psychic. She’s been in touch with her gifts since she was a child, and she had a psychic grandmother who helped her understand and trust them. Because she grew up accepting her gifts, she was able to make full use of them and became a famous psychic whose knowing has been “proved” and verified in many different instances.  It was amazing to see what a fully-surrendered life can bring!

Chapter 1 “Growing Up Psychic” was my favorite part of the book.  I liked reading about how, as a child, Sylvia was able to “see” people’s health problems, interact with her spirit guide, and give away grownups’ secrets that she intuitively knew.  This chapter also covers her experiences with nuns in a Catholic school who only accepted her powers after a stern talking-to from Sylvia’s grandmother, but who then often asked her advice. We follow Sylvia through her adolescence, share with her the anguish of her parent’s failing marriage and her grandmother’s death.

The rest of the book describes how Sylvia began to use her psychic gifts more and more publicly: giving readings, channeling her spirit guide, starting nonprofit organizations and appearing on many TV shows. Sylvia tells many stories about encountering ghosts and trying to help them along to the other side. She tells of her singular encounter with an angel and its beauty. She also tells her personal story intertwined with the many stories of others she’s come across and been a part of. She tells about her failed marriages, her relationships with her children and the lessons that she learned about herself and about the nature of life along the way.

Sylvia  has had a rich and full life that was a pleasure to share. Her sensitivity and wisdom come across throughout the entire memoir, and she has a matter-of-fact way of discussing even the strangest things that I appreciate. Since this is the first of Sylvia’s many books I”ve read, I am interested to read more of her work and to learn from the amazing journey of her life.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I was given a free copy of this book to review by the publisher, in exchange for my honest evaluation of it on this blog.

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