Walking the Labyrinth

May 3, 2010 at 6:51 pm Leave a comment

The Labyrinth is symbol is one that I’ve felt strongly drawn to for many years, and as time passes I find myself more drawn to it than ever. So I was excited to hear that a local store, Aquarius, was hosting a self-guided labyrinth walking meditation on Saturday.

A labyrinth like the one pictured on the left was printed on a large cloth, with different sections of it colored to correspond to the different chakras. Each chakra color also had a card associated with it, showing an intended release and an intended renewal based on that chakra’s energy.

What struck me the most was how the releasing language not only acknowledged “bad” things like impatience and other qualities we’d consider to be negative, it also led me to bless them – something I’d never have thought of to do on my own!

I walked the labyrinth with the cards to guide me. For each chakra section I repeated the release/renewal language several times and as I moved through the colors I could feel my energy shifting and releasing. I got lighter, my spine straightened and I got so whoozy that I had to really go slowly and watch my step or I would have fallen over!

At the end when I asked the spirit of fire to burn away impurities I felt absolutely on top of the world!

The past couple nights since then, I’ve had some troubling dreams, which I feel is part of the released emotions making their way out of my consciousness. While I’ve woken sad and upset and close to crying, I can tell this is something I need to do so in that way, I know it is a blessing, even if it doesn’t feel great right now.


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