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Little Bits of Happiness

When I chant OM GUM GANAPATAYAY NAMAHA (Ganesha’s chant) now, I see, in my mind’s eye, one large pinkish white elephant all decked out in royal-looking garb and jewels, flanked by two smaller elephants, similarly garbed, all dancing in rhythm with the chant.

When I chant OM MANI PADME HUM (vaguely translates to “jewel in the lotus”), I see a large purple lotus blooming from my head into which dodecahedron crystals are tumbling and a large red lotus blooming from my heart with a huge sapphire spinning in the center of it.

When I look at the blue of the sky, I see Krishna’s face smiling down and blessing me. And my soul remembers to look around and love the world I’m in, and smile and worship and be grateful.

I no longer feel as if I have to have a plan for the road ahead or that I have to grasp at things to be “doing enough”… Instead I feel that whatever I am doing is enough for now. I’m content to sit back and let the Universe lead the dance.


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