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Had some disconnection in my life and a new connection.

I broke up with my girlfriend after waking up and realizing I wasn’t ok with her not making time for me any longer. I’m deeply saddened by this and have been crying a lot about missing her in my life the way I have for the past many months and having to accept that I will have to miss her for many months more… So, there’s that.

A huge blessing that has come into my life, meanwhile, is a man I feel to be my spiritual, shamanistic/artistic soul twin. It is incredible, mind-boggling, soul-jangling goodness. I’ve never met someone with whom I could be so totally open with about my spirituality. He’s a fellow poet and artist which just makes me so darn excited! I can really SHARE with him. It is such a nearly overwhelming blessing. I’m incredibly grateful to the Universe to bringing him into my life and letting us share our paths.

I’ve been making some interesting art the past couple days. I’ll post them when I find my camera cord (argh!).


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