Where Soul Meets Body

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Bless Your Heart

The intensive body/mind/energy work I’ve been doing with the help of my guides lately has been extremly draining. I think I have finally passed a personal portal in which at least one stage of this work is ending as I seem to have had a metamorphosis…

Saturday I had my usual meditation group with friends, one of whom brought a new Joey Klein guided meditation that worked with blue and violet flames and golden light to activate all the cells in our bodies, break down old patterns that are no longer servicing us, and soak in the light of Source to carry more light within our bodies. Later that day I had a vision of myself in the woods (as often happens), ripping off my human skin as if it were a useless membrane no longer doing me good. I stood there, white and bright and glowing, made out of light and air. I could see my heart and my reproductive system shining like gold within me and the blue and red of my blood circulating in my body. If I looked very hard into the light I could see my bones as if condensed and therefore more intense white light supporting me.

Last night I was going through more divine soul downloads in the Power of the Soul book which I highly recommend everyone reads as it is a system of directly working with energies to invite them into your life and change you. I’ve found it extremely effective and it’s added a whole new dimension to my spiritual growth as each soul download gives me one more chant I want to add to my daily list, which is now getting fairly long. I activated Universal Forgiveness and Divine Healing into my body and energy field.

Then this morning I slept in an hour and still could barely get out of bed. It took me until I was walking to work to realize something major had shifted. When I was a kid I had the power to “see” my body as if through an x-ray. I saw each of my organs in my body and I could see how well or not they were, and I could use this image to heal, protect and work with my every individual aspect. When I went through puberty I lost this. I’ve missed it very much and to a certain extent I’ve felt “lost” within my body without it. But praise be I HAVE IT BACK! I am now so deeply aware of every muscle moving within me, every shift of my bones that affects my energy patterns and more. I feel so much more alive and aware than I’ve been in so long and it is such a beautiful gift!


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