Animal Interactions

September 23, 2009 at 5:02 pm Leave a comment

We let my animal companion Frederick hang out on our porch unsupervised a bit lately since he’s so well behaved and will generally stay on or near the porch unlike the other 2 cats. Monday night I let him out and then forgot about it because I got really sleepy and was trying to just stay awake. Hours later, when it was raining and I remembered, I went out to look for him and couldn’t find him anywhere around our apartment.

Instead of freaking out, like I normally would, I chose to ask for help. I sat in front of my altar and got in touch with the Christ grid, asking it, without expectation, for aid. The image came to my mind of Frederick resting on the Christ grid while it pulled him like a river current directly to our front door. Over and over and over it played in my mind as my fiance was outside looking for Frederick. After he gave up and came back inside, Frederick scratched at the front door to be let in! It was an amazing lesson in letting go and letting the Universe take over.


Today on our walk to work, we stopped to pet Dakota, a beautiful husky whom we’ve befriended. He always runs up to greet us, “arroooo rooo”ing while we stop one, two, or three times in a trip to give him some affection. This morning, I bowed to his god-self and it really surprised him! He’s used to only being viewed as a dog! But he was happy with my acknowledgement and showed me an image of his god-self, which is much larger, standing up as high as my shoulder, with enormous powerful shoulders and a more menacing, fierce attitude than the sweet, beautiful and cuddly demenor he normally shows.


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