Honoring All Gods

August 28, 2009 at 2:43 pm Leave a comment

Monday night I was chanting “I honor the divine within” and I reached down to touch my animal familiar, Frederick who was sitting all happy wearing his happycat Buddha face, and he gave me a vision. He was sitting in a silk kitty kimono and hat in a Buddhist-like temple full of worshippers chanting and prayer and offering him delicious treats in golden and jade bowls or incense and bells and songs. He was in his full might and purring mightly and I bowed down three times before him.

The vision gave me a deep sense of respect for him and for all animals and I realized that I’d still been identifying too much with my monkey mind that thought itself so superior from all the other “poor dumb animals” instead of realizing we are all expressions of god and equally amazing. I felt ashamed by my pretension and glad that I was shown the error of my ways. I felt much more in touch with the divinity in all of us, and I wrote this poem:

The Gods’ Masked Ball

The gods are among us
every day, walking with us,
laughing, crying, smiling, dancing and we
refuse to see them
as if the masks of meat and fur, shell or bone we wear could hide
the glory of divinity. It pours out of all of us
in codes we all could read should we take a moment to cipher
them. Study the spirals weaving a dance of
joy in your heart. Read them with
a mind that seeks patterns out of nonsense
and you will create new forms as you
create your own reality, finally
at one with the god behind your eyes and fingers.

If you’re interested in reading more of my poetry, you can find it at my deviantArt page.


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Princess Aquazephyr Coming Out

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