Princess Aquazephyr

August 26, 2009 at 9:28 pm 1 comment


So after I met my fairy nature spirit guide, I was set for some exciting developments especially since she insisted I meet with her the very next day! I did and she told me her name and showed me her symbol [above]. I think it’s funny that her name is constructed just like my true name (fireflower) is: two nature elements smooshed together to make a name.

She also told me that she is a fairie princess and that they aren’t usually the ones who work with people, but that I’m an important player so she agreed to be my guide. She told me to become lighter and more joyful and gave me the image/sensation of being a peice of dandelion fluff carried in the wind. I felt so joyous and free it was amazing!

The next time I meditated on going through the fairie door to meet her I was in Omaha for the weekend and was finally able to make it into the woods to meditate! Princess Aquazephyr had me sleep with my head in her lap during which she sang and healed me, making my chakras shine like little christmas lights. Then she spoke to me within the dream in the meditation and showed me as a spider weaving a web.

Here I have to take a break and let you know that the Universe recently revealed to me that the wolf spider is one of my totems. I read a poem by Alice Walker which she prefaced with saying that the ancients believed that if an animal appeared 3 times to you, it was your spirit animal. The spider that had recently taken residence on our porch and that both reminded me of the scary impressive and amazing wolf spider the size of a dinner plate that I saw only 3 times in my parents shack in the back yard, even though it lived there. I realized that the spider is very important to me and is the manifestation of my story-telling abilities. Now back to what Princess Aquazephyr was showing me….

She told me that I must remember that as a storyteller I am like the spider. What I use to make the stories is a gift from the Universe, but the crafting and weaving of my stories is my gift back to the Universe. Then she woke me and blessed me and I prostrated myself before her thrice, which she liked a lot. She told me to look for a gift from the fairies on the way back out of the woods. I saw many things and asked if they were the gift, but they weren’t. Then I found a rock and that was it! Remember, I like to decorate rocks.

I have been working once more on writing stories, which is great. I’ve had an idea for a collection but couldn’t get up the gumption to start, but I have now and I’ve started on another one too.

Oh, and here’s a picture of my base chakra animal guide I told you about. I’ll be drawing all of them eventually, but this guy I finally got around to drawing last night:



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Meeting My Nature Spirit Guide Honoring All Gods

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  • 1. Ronni  |  August 27, 2009 at 7:26 pm

    I love this! I like that you are important players and that the gift was a rock.


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