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August 17, 2009 at 8:58 pm Leave a comment

I signed up for Ronni‘s Fairies 101 class last week because I’ve read her blog for a while now and she’s already taught me a lot through that. She sent me the first lesson and reading through it made me tear up. I was so happy to hear her truth about flowers and fairies and the interactive nature of the Earth spirits around us. It’s so comforting to be reminded of the great web of support we have that we can sometimes forget to ask for help though the spirits are so ready to answer our questions and help us through difficult times.

The first assignment was to write a “Joy List” of things that make us happy. Here’s mine, as well as a few drawings of fairies I made right after making the Joy List. EDIT: For whatever reason, WordPress doesn’t like my PDF. If you’re interested in seeing it, you can request a copy by email: reddvenus AT gmail DOT com.

I’m also reading Brain Respiration by Ilichi Lee, which is a book about using all of the power of your mind to create optimal health, creativity and calm. The book includes a set of exercises designed to keep the energy flowing through your meridians and to make you stronger to hold more energy. (Some of his exercises  can be found at the website I liked to above). I started doing them yesterday, including one where you pound on your belly/solar plexus region to get rid of the stagnation there.

Later that day I felt suddenly emotionally exhausted and weepy. I just wanted to curl up and cry and I couldn’t understand why! I’d been having marvelous day with my partner and I couldn’t understand it. Then today, I did the exercises again and noticed the exact same feelings of sadness, but this time it was linked with an event in my past where I had been emotionally wounded by two women I misplaced my trust in. This makes me certain that the feelings that seem unrelated to my daily life are stagnant problems that I’ve been keeping inside myself. I knew I needed to address the matter before I could release it, so I just asked if there were any lessons I needed to learn from the event still and, no, there weren’t. I asked if there was anything to do about it except to grieve and feel badly and there wasn’t. So I just told myself it was okay to be sad, that I can move on if I want to since it’s not affecting my life now, but that I’d let myself be sad about it as long as I needed to. I continued soothing myself, imagining my higher self stroking my back and crooning over me until I felt like I was ready to give the matter up, and then I went on my day.

It’s a little exhausting but freeing. I’m interested to see where this takes me next.


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