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Long-Distance Healing

Open and Enter

Open and Enter

The simplicity of astral projection continues to amaze me. Once I did it just to see what would happen and ended up meeting one of my guides (who presented himself as an old, sage and smiling medicine man) and receiving the exact message I needed to hear then. Last week I used it again, this time with a purpose: to help my girlfriend heal.

During some of the energy upheavals of the Easter weekend, I, my girlfriend, and at least two other people I know injured their backs. I ended up on mine all week (which ended up being a very nice break from the stress at work and a chance to draw a whole lot of pictures) as did my girlfriend who had a slipped disc. I just had a sprained muscle at the base of my back so I healed up with just some rest. She, unfortunately, wasn’t doing so well, was considered a possibility for surgery and was having a hard time healing.

So after we had talked last week and she was still feeling badly, I very strongly desired to help her heal. If you remember, she is out of state, so there was nothing I could do hands-on and I decided to astral project. The door in the picture I drew at the top of this post is the door you enter for astral projection. The mental ritual I do for this is to imagine myself projected in a ball of white light and then I allow my mind to step out from my body and the door appears in front of my spirit self in my mind and I enter in. Breathing deeply and laying down help to keep you grounded.

I asked the energies to carry me to her and less than a second later, I saw my spirit self beside her and her husband sleeping in their bedroom. I asked the Universe to turn me into a conduit of healing energy, placed my hands on her back, which was very easy since she sleeps on her back, and allowed the white light to pour through me as if I were a funnel with my head as the top and my hands the bottom. Happily, she has been feeling better.

This is the second time I’ve simply asked the Universe to make me a conduit of healing and been able to see a direct result. The first time I was massaging my boyfriend’s back. I’m grateful for it.


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Seeing my True Self

This morning as I was meditating, I was gifted 3 images and one was a vision of my true self. She was beautiful and full of power. I’m going to try and draw a picture so hopefully I’ll be posting one soon. It was very exciting and peace-inducing at the same time.

It’s interesting to me how my notion of myself is changing from one whole self to many. My inner child is back and stronger than ever, insisting on her own name and attention. Here are some of the ways I honor her:

  • wearing skirts and dresses
  • coloring with crayons
  • reading absorbing novels
  • spending time in nature
  • dancing
  • singing
  • believing in my own invincibility and power
  • losing myself in thought
  • concentrating on my breath while listening to a cat purr

Seeing myself as many in a whole is also helping my interpersonal relations, because I’m able to establish emotional boundaries now and not take everything so darned personally, which is a great relief and weight of my mind.

Feeling very blessed today.

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Intuitive Learning

A wonderful resource I wanted to share is the Intuitive Learning Circle E-Zine. From their website:

Rheanni Lightwater is the co-founder of Soul Resources and has eighteen years experience in environmental and body/mind energy work. Her background is in medical intuition, Reiki, energy medicine and the intuitive form of feng shui. She has spent the past nine years writing, researching and developing the Intuitive Learning Circles for her clients in medical clinics, workshops, classes and school rooms. Her unique approach has allowed both children and adults to free themselves from limited thoughts and behaviors that can contribute to serious illness, learning disabilities and emotional distress.

The E-Zine (they also have a blog) always includes an “circle game” that helps your mind rely upon its intiution for becoming your true self and getting your thoughts straight about things. For example, the recent issue had a Simplicity Game that helped me figure out why a certain relationship was bothering me and how I simply needed to tweak my thoughts about it a bit to be totally okay with everything and have a plan of action for the future.

Pretty fricken awesome, if you ask me.  You can subscribe here.

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