Falling Into Place

March 11, 2009 at 2:34 pm 1 comment

Little pieces of my life are falling into place for me. My boyfriend and I have to move from our current apartment, which caused me a great deal of sadness, but after I expressed that and remained open to possiblities, we found a great place I will be happy to move into that’s run by our same landlords, which is important to me because I’ve had some really crappy landords and I like being able to trust them. Plus, this takes off several stresses usually related to living in a new place: credit checks, deposits, etc.  The other part of this is that we didn’t want to move far from where we already live and the new place is less than 2 blocks away! The Universe was so nice to provide this for us. And I even get the front porch and hard wood floors I wanted!

Another puzzle piece involves my personal divination. I got into Tarot cards, bought my own set which the guy I was with (now my ex) immediately started pawing over and over and over. It upset me a lot because I knew he was soaking it with his negative energies and screwing with it, but he ignored my request as selfish and kept using them for “research” and I never got good readings with them. After another guy came over and similarly dishonored me (on purpose) by messing with my cards, I understood that I just needed to get rid of that deck completely because it would never work for me.  I did this but didn’t get another set of cards, feeling upset about the experience overall and how the cards didn’t seem to ever communicate well with me and vice versa. I wanted another method of divination, but no matter how much I love the runes, it makes no sense to me to use them for divination. So I haven’t had anything for a while, and of course, this is something I also just opened myself up to possibility for, since I knew I couldn’t come up with anything on my own.  And my beautiful girlfriend answered that need in my life by sending me a lovely crystal divination set. It actually works like runic divination in that you throw the crystals and get insight from where they land combined with the nature of the crystal itself (there’s 5). Not only is this totally awesome that my love of crystals can now enter into my divination practice, but it’s also awesome because I’ve never had another woman gift me a spiritual object. A relationship close enough to share spirituality is something I’ve hoped for and actually having it in my life is a blessing.

Something else that is just great (I think the Universe is trying to help me see how much those close to me support me) is that my brother finally remembered to buy me a Christmas present like he said he would. He brought it over last night and I’d asked for a stone or crystal of some sort and he bought me a large Shiva stone (like the one pictured at the beginning of this post)! I’ve had a small one since last year, but having a large one that I can hold onto with both hands is something else. Shiva stones are supposedly the stones with the highest vibration of any on Earth and having one in my room and on my altar feels extremely comforting, especially since it was gifted in love.


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  • 1. tobeme  |  March 17, 2009 at 4:09 pm

    Sounds like all is going well for you! I love the magic of this universe and how when we are open we receive so very much!


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