Mind/Body Cleansing, Healing

February 24, 2009 at 3:45 pm 1 comment

The mind/body connection continues to amaze, surprise and humble me.

Yesterday I was having a struggle to deal with some emotions from past relationships and was feeling very vulnerable, weak and trapped in the feelings.  I hid to cry in the bathroom at work like I sometimes do and after that failed to make me feel some sort of release, I determined that I would have my boyfriend help me with a colonic when I got home – at least metaphorically I’d be able to clean some shit out of my system!  That decision made me feel a little better.

When I got home, my boyfriend was waiting to love and comfort me. He held me, carried me to our bed and snuggled and kissed on me for a good long while.  Then we went to the bathroom and he helped me clean out my bum.  I washed off and then he continued throughout the evening to cuddle and love on me, making sure I knew how special and loved I am to and by him. Plus, he cooked for me, which always makes me feel incredibly pampered and adored.  We nodded off in a chair together before going to bed – where we have been at least starting out in a snuggling position for the last two nights.  It feels very special because normally we just plop into bed and pass out on our respective sides, wrapped in our separate blankets (for some reason I keep finding guys who don’t like sharing blankets!).

This morning when I woke up after having processed everything from the day before, my guides told me during my morning yoga routine that I couldn’t let go of my feelings because I wasn’t forgiving myself for being tricked by people I trusted.   Blaming myself for their deceit was what was making me feel so awful and I immediately and verbally forgave myself for each of the people I’d trusted in that situation who had hurt me so badly.  I felt a rush of relief and tears which suddenly turned into me thanking my guides and the Universe over and over again for the gift and blessing of my boyfriend, who is so kind and gentle to me and who has been instrumental in my physical and spiritual healing over the past year and 3/4 we’ve been together.

The entire experience is helping me to trust my boyfriend more and to feel safer about sharing with him my fears, worries and all the other brain worms that make me unhappy about myself.  His concern and care for my body, mind and emotions surpasses anything I’ve ever experienced and I am so grateful I have his help. It has also reinforced to me how caring for my phsyical self can influence my spiritual and emotional bodies – I am trying to learn to love myself unconditionally and caring for my physical self has been more instrumental in this than I can say.


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Letting Go Release

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  • 1. tobeme  |  February 25, 2009 at 12:36 am

    You are very blessed. You are finding your way and you have a partner who is loving, caring and supportive. I love where you are growing.


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