New Year, New Habits

January 21, 2009 at 7:06 pm Leave a comment

While I didn’t intend to start any new spritual habits for a new year’s resolution, I almost did accidentally.  I’ve been concerned about being open to the Universe and what it’s saying to me, what it has for me.  So I decided to set aside a few minutes out of my morning before I do my yoga routine to sit and meditate, simply breathing and being open.

I’ve felt my palms prickle with energy as I imagine the gifts of the Universe falling into my hands like warm summer rain.  I’ve been led to thank and bless my guides and ancestors.  For a few minutes, I simply sit and let my mind feel a peaceful quite acceptance and gratitude that gives me a sense of relief and mental balance I am dearly learning to love.

Also changed this year and quite by accident is what I am now calling my “charm bag” – but what just started as a velvet bag with small crystals in it that I tuck into my pocket or bra every day.  I used to have a piece of turquoise and a piece of emerald, but I lost my emerald and found a stone I thought I’d lost, so I decided to change what I keep with me every day.  I still have the turquoise, to which I’ve added a Shiva stone (supposed to be the highest vibrational stone on the Earth), a moonstone (for fulfilling one’s destiny), and another stone that I can’t remember the name of, but it is for helping you understand your connectedness with everything.  I also added some charms I had been wearing on a necklace until recently: my Isis pendant, a rune pendant and a ring that has much of my personal energy within it.


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