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Since really knowing in my bones that no body can do what I can the way I can and that everyone loses if I don’t share my gifts, I’ve become basically fearless.

I don’t worry about anything because I know that nothing will happen unless it is supposed to.  And everything I had to go through only made me better, even if it temporarily sucks.  Knowing that the joy I have access to now will heal anything, that approaching everything with love creates a powerful energy that can carry me along like a wave, it’s made me so trusting and open and unafraid.

That’s a new thing in my experience and I love it.  This feeling only magnifies the gratitude I feel towards the Universe by a million.  This keeps my thoughts generally positive and my heart light – and when it doesn’t, I simply wait and love myself until once again the energy will surge through me again, letting me turn the ove outward like a big ole spotlight.

I finally feel like I’ve got this life thing in balance.  It’s a good place to be.


December 22, 2008 at 4:19 pm 1 comment

Animals as Teachers

Animal mimicry and the role it plays in my life is something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately, but didn’t have the words to blog about it. It’s from DailyOM a website (you have to register) that shares wisdom and grace, every time I read one of their daily emails, I feel my priorities shift back into place and I often have a tear in my eye. So, it’s good stuff. You should check it out. The most recent one, Wild Wisdom in include your perusal:

Wild Wisdom
Animals As Teachers

Since prehistoric times, animals have acted as companions to humans on their journey toward enlightenment. Animals as disparate in character as house pets, birds, sea creatures, and insects have been our mentors, teachers, and guides. There is much we can learn from animals, as they offer us the unique opportunity to transcend the human perspective. Unlike human teachers, animals can only impart their wisdom by example, and we learn from them by observation. An animal teacher can be a beloved pet or an animal in the wild. You may even find yourself noticing the animals in your backyard. Even robins and bumblebees have lessons to share with you.

Animals teach us in a variety of ways about behavior, habit, and instinct. House pets embody an unconditional love that remains unchanged in the face of our shape, size, age, race, or gender. They care little for the differences between us and them and simply enjoy loving and being loved. Our pets encourage us to let our guards down, have fun, and take advantage of every opportunity to enjoy life. You can also learn lessons from the animals you encounter in the wild if you take the time to observe their habits. Cold-blooded animals show us adaptability and sensitivity to one’s environment. Mammals serve as examples of nurturing and playfulness. Animals that live in oceans, lakes, and rivers demonstrate the value of movement and grace. It is even possible to learn from insects that live in highly structured communities that everyone plays a vital role.

Animals teach us about life, death, survival, sacrifice, and responsibility. If you find yourself drawn to a particular animal, ask yourself which of its traits you find most intriguing and think about how you might mimic those traits. Think of what you might learn from observing the little bird on your windowsill or the mosquito buzzing around a picnic table. Animals express themselves with abandon, freedom, and integrity. It’s natural to be drawn to the wisdom offered by our animal teachers, and in doing so, discover what is natural and true within you. (Source)

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As Above So Below

It never ceases to amaze me how similar the most dissimilar things truly are.  In everything that is unfamiliar I truly believe we can find a piece of ourselves.

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Seeing Fairies

fairies-window-lUsually when I want to “see” spiritual or energetic stuff, I have to “look” with a different part of my brain/eyes – I can’t really explain it, but it’s why I don’t walk around scanning people’s energy automatically or anything like that (which is very rude to do on purpose without permission).  But sometimes energetic bodies are strong enough to burst right into my “normal” field of vision.

That’s what happened the first time my “powers” were activiated, because I was suddenly confronted with hundreds of ghosts/black figures intending ill will towards myself and my friends.  It happens sometimes off and on, depending on my emotional state and the powers around me.

Lately I’ve been seeing what I can only imagine as fairies in my apartment.  It’s interesting because after my boyfriend and I named our apartment “The Treetops,” I drew a welcome sign with tree tops, squirrels, birds and fairies in it.  Since then I’ve noticed that I’ve been strongly compelled to bring bird imagery into our home and I’ve also been seeing the fairies.

I see them as swarms of tiny glinting lights that move through rooms and swirl around me before moving on.  It’s all very playful and sweet and comforting.  It’s so encouraging and amazing to see the things I have been  calling into my life manifest themselves.  And I feel very blessed to have the fey scampering around my apartment.

December 3, 2008 at 5:24 pm 2 comments

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