Birthday Ritual

September 11, 2008 at 3:06 pm Leave a comment

I’ve been mulling over what sort of ritual I should do to mark my birthday and this morning I received inspiration.

I plan to ritually bathe, create a circle (I’m thinking with my crystals) and sit inside it while reciting this out loud to myself:

I am a child of the stars

Carried by this womb, Earth

May she bless me with her water (I plan to cross myself with water while saying this – because a cross in a circle is the Medicine Wheel)

May she bless me with her air (I’ll cross myself with incense)

May she bless me with her soil and stones (here I’ll cross myself with soil and possibly one of my special rocks)

May she bless me with her fire (I’ll cross myself with a candle)

That I, in turn, may nourish her

And every soul I encounter

With the fullness of life

Which is joy

May I always be ready to be birthed anew

Until my True Self emerges

Goddess Warrior of All That Is

Then I plan to use my “spirit bells” (a pair of homemade noisemakers that I use to help me focus my energy in a weird form of sound meditation) and walk the circle, raising power before resting and grounding myself with my palms and head to the floor while sending my thanks to the Universe and Gaia.


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