Finding My Life’s Purpose

September 2, 2008 at 5:59 pm 1 comment

I Twittered the other day about vibing with emerald and turquoise.  Vibe is my new favorite term for sending or accessing energy (I misappropriated it from this book).  They’re in the rough and are my new favorite crystals.  Partly because they’re in the rough – it helps me remember that I don’t have to be perfect to be beautiful and fulfill my purpose – and partly because I’ve been working on being more conscious in my daily interactions and to live from the heart chakra (love) instead of the solar plexus chakra (ego).  Emerald/green activates and strengthen the heart chakra and is also my Celtic astrology-related stone for my inner self.  Turquoise/blue is for calm, consciousness, removing negativity as well as being linked to the heart chakra.

For the past week I’ve been keeping them with me daily and meditating for a few moments with/on them and the qualities I am calling into my life.  I also mentioned that I have been working with the Tiwaz rune (link).  Along with vibing the emerald and turquoise, I’ve been concentrating on calling that into my life: consciousness, spiritual warriorhood, purpose, directed will.  For me, Tiwaz is the eqivalent of Thor’s hammer: directed energy, motivated by the spirit and a sense of just responsibility, moving forward with great power.  It is also the same as a tree, pulling energy through a piece of wood, connecting the material and spiritual planes.

Thursday of last week, I wrote new “affirmations.”  These aren’t to adjust my mind so much as remind me of things I already know, but keep forgetting when I let my solar plexus chakra take control over my heart.  My new affirmations/reminders are:
I live from the heart.
I flow like water.
I am love and beauty.
I am a spirit warrior.

I say them each 3 times in the mirror, making eye contact with myself, which I normally don’t do.  I can feel the realignments in my energy field when I do this, like the realignments in my body and energy when I’m doing yoga in the mornings.

So I’ve been doing all these things to be more conscious and live from my heart chakra like I said.  It’s been having a noticable e/affect? on my mood, energy and mental state/train of thought.  I’m definitely feeling more divine these days.

Saturday afternoon, I was once again meditating/vibing on the emerald, turquoise and Tiwaz rune.  I’ve been trying to define to myself my life’s purpose, by the way…  I laid down and was breathing deeply and felt the urge to put my hands (where I was clasping the crystals) and arms straight above my head, forming a triangle around it.  I concentrated on the Tiwaz rune, holding it in my minds eye, watching it glow golden and red alternately.  Spatially in my energy field, I was holding it like Thor in the comic books while it propelled me towards purpose.  My hands and arms started vibrating and shaking as the Tiwaz energy flowed through my body.  The rune lifted off the hammer energy and flowed through me to my heart where it inscribed itself on my heart like a rune stone, glowing red with power.  Instantly I realized that my life’s purpose is to be a spirit warrior.

I also realized that I already knew that – my higher self LOVES always pointing that out. 🙂 She’s a bit smug like a sassy schoolgirl who always calls the shots in her little group of girlfriends, if that makes sense.  It’s good though, because I love being in control and teasing so of course I have those qualities in my spirit.  It reassures me that I’m me.


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