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August 4, 2008 at 7:15 pm Leave a comment

Crystal Spirit Painting by Australian artist Aedenn Rowan

This is an example (one of many in my life) of how fiction helped me come to terms with something I brushed off in “real life.”  When I purchased my first crystals, I also went out and bought a book about basic crystal properties, etc.  One of the sections I kind of discounted was about how each crystal has an entity contained within it that will reveal itself to you if you ask.  I just thought, “well, really what’s the point?” and moved on.

Many weeks later, I was reading a Japanese children’s novel Brave Story in which a human child crosses over to a world created by our dreams.  There he is a “traveler” and as such, he must find five gemstones in order to find the dream reality’s goddess and change his destiny.  The gemstones he  collected were embued with mystical power and each one had a different color, power and personality — including a representational human form.  These gemstones could talk to the child and lend him power.

Reading that novel made me realize what I’d been missing by not getting properly acquainted with my crystals.  So I am slowly making amends for this.  I sat down two different times with two different crystals so far.  Each one immediately made themselves known to me (though when I’d tried before (half-assedly) it didn’t work and I’m sure my lack of openmindedness is why).  One was a beautiful blue dancer, the other a vibrant… horny (yeah, that was surprising) golden lady.

Just goes to show you that what you find in life always relies on what you’re willing to see.


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