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Feed Your Chakras

An awesome post on a health information site reveals the relationship between foods and how they nurture your chakras.  Check this out:

Our root chakra thrives on root-type vegetables and protein-rich foods. Sweet fruits, nuts directly affect our navel chakra while our solar plexus chakra is enhanced by a healthy diet of breads, dairy product and cereals.

Green, leafy vegetables, plenty of liquid, fruit juices and green tea are beneficial for our heart and throat chakras.

By eating blueberries, grapes and drinking wine or grape juice, we help nourish our brow/third eye chakra which is responsible for making our third eye senses sharper and more attuned to our psychical abilities.

Our crown chakra, the center of our spiritual and emotional center needs detoxification through fasting and/or ritual inhalation of incense and herbs.

These everyday methods, which admittedly are vey simple since they are an extension of what we already perform daily are some of the basic ways we can heal our energy points so that we can reap the benefits of possessing a healthy functioning chakra for a more productive and healthier life.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve got some good things to ponder now about my diet and my emotional/spiritual well being.


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Seeing My Energy Field (Aura)

When I first saw my own energy field, it was a solid ball of yellow light around me.  I could project it in the shape of a Japanese warrior woman, but not for very long.

When I next checked out my aura to see if it had changed, it was an orange ball of light around me and the projection I saw with it was a kind of Shiva figure dancing.

Since then, I’ve seen my aura again as yellow or red light, but without any other accompanying visuals.  The light would simply move as directed without taking on another form.

Lately I’ve been watching my kitten watch my energy field, following his flickering eyes around my body as the energy darts and moves.  It’s shown itself as a kind of thick rolling, purple fog flowing across my body.  I only looked for a few seconds at a time until this morning.  When I concentrated, I saw my energy field as a series of energetic movements gyrating in loops around me, the purple fog flowing across my skin where my energy is apparently strongest, and lightening bolts blazing both through the fog and the field.  It reminds me of some kind of lair for an evil villian you’d seen on The Avengers, only not creepy, just awesome like a thunderstorm.  I don’t know if my sight has matured or my energy field or both that I’m seeing it this way now, but it is absolutely incredible and it makes me feel powerful and invincible the way I think a spirit warrior should.

Addendum: This may have also been influenced by the rune I charmed myself with last night.  Tiwaz is the spirit warrior rune.

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Getting My Joy Back

I absolutely love dancing.  When I was a little kid I wanted to be a ballerina, but knew I never would be since 1) dancing wasn’t allowed and 2) I wouldn’t be able to afford the training even if it WAS allowed.  After I finally broke out of the Baptist shell, one of the first changes I made to my life was having weekly dance parties with my friends.  I absolutely LOVED it and anyway, what I’m trying to say is dancing is important to me.  I think you get the idea.  Part of my decision the other day is related to my realization that I hadn’t just been happy enough to dance around the apartment since the girl had ended things.  Once I realized that, my decision made itself.  I don’t want to give away my joy and power to someone who doesn’t care about me when I have someone who does right in front of me, so much more worthy of my attention and energy.  And wouldn’t you know it, I’ve since perked up and finally danced around the living room yesterday.  It makes me so happy.

Another realization I had this weekend: I need to concentrate on living from my heart, not my ego.  This realization brought to you by my thinking cranky thoughts about some people, realizing I had no reason to do so except pointless (and ridiculous) judgements I’d made based on their appearance, and then feeling very bad about it because 1) I don’t want to be cranky for no reason, that’s not fun! and 2) I think judging people is one of the biggest issues world wide and I don’t want to contribute to it and be an ass because of it.  So I’m concentrating on opening my heart, keeping my smart ass jerkiness from arising and being willing to give people more of a chance than I have.  There’s no point getting worked up for nothing and I’m much happier when I’m calm.

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As something fall away, new connections have been happening.  I recently was overjoyed by coming back into contact with some “long lost” friends I haven’t talked to in years.  The best part is how easy and comfortable I can be with them.  I’ve been missing that kind of easy friendship in my life.  Having moved around a lot in the past 7 years has made it impossible for me to create a support network for myself.  On the plus side, it’s forced me to be more self reliant and self empowered, which is always good.  On the negative side, I miss hanging out with people who really love my company and vice versa.  So it’s really good to hear from some old friends and feel some of my lost support structures coming back into my life.

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Shifts In MySelf

The Universe kept telling me to use my bear/hermit energy to examine myself, rest and spend my energy well in anticipation for something.  I did so but chafingly as I always do – I love the periods of growth but find it hard to relax in “waiting” periods – wondering what I  could possibly need to bear myself up for since everything was going so amazing.  Friday night I found out what the Universe was trying to prepare me for.  The girl & relationship I mentioned previously came back to find me.  She was at a party we went to and completely unexpendedly she walked in the door and all the feelings of humilation, hurt and generally crushed in the heart region came back as strong as the moment I knew she was breaking up with us.

Because of that my boyfriend and I had the worst fight of our relationship, including screaming, wall-punching and me running off the the park for an hour when I couldn’t take it anymore.  We’ve made up but I still feel a breach there that I will need to work on.  It was terrifying to me that the boy who makes me so deliriously happy and I could fight as badly as that.  It showed me that I feel our relationship is very superficial in some ways since all I know about him is the time I’ve spent with him – not much out of his whole life but he doesn’t seem to ever want to talk about the rest.  It makes me feel uncomfortable and I’m going to try to figure out some way of him opening up without my prying him open.  It’s not going to be easy.

Another outcome of this was my decision to not sleep with girls anymore.  It’s a really hard one to make since that’s been a point of either acceptance or denail of my bisexuality in other relationships and I don’t like giving up a part of myself.  But since 1 out of 2 times it ends with me being absolutely broken hearted and crushed, it’s just not worth exposing myself for, especially since those relationships never have any sort of long-term stamina, much to my dismay.  It’s also a hard decision because only last year did I finally understand how polyamorous I am and now it feels like giving that up before I even really owned it.  It’s just hard to accept that I need to make this decision when in all other aspects of my life I’m trying so hard to be true to who I am and express that without fear.  But my wisdom is telling me that I shouldn’t keep doing this to myself and that I need to put whatever of that energy I might’ve been emotionally reserving for girls into my relationship with my boyfriend.

A co-worker of mine who was in a polyamorous relationship for a while told me that it took him 20 years to discover that that type of relationship was more trouble than it’s worth and commended me on figuring it out so soon.  I’m trying very hard to look at it that way, but it just feels like a defeat and a loss of part of myself I once held precious.

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How Psychic Are You?

psychic test, psychic development and psychic readings

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Permanent Healing (Book Recommendation)

I happened across Permanent Healing by Daniel Condron at HalfPrice Books for a dollar this weekend and knew I had scored big.  Any book that said “includes the quantum mechanics of healing” was going to be amazing.

And it didn’t disappoint after I’d read through it.  The first section covers basic self- and energy- healing information that is valuable and concise.  The second section is a directory of illnesses and body systems listed besides the emotions/beliefs that affect them and action steps to take to change your mind.  It’s the only resource like it I’ve seen and I was impressed with the accuracy and depth of the coverage.  The third section covers the quantum mechanics of healing, explaining how self- and energy- healing works on the energetic/quantum level.

There was nothing about this book that wasn’t helpful or incredibly impressive.  If you have any interest in taking more control over your mind-body connection and health, you should read this book!

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