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June 23, 2008 at 5:01 pm 1 comment

When I was in Colorado reading Leaves of Yggdrissal, I asked the runes/my higher self to shoe me the runes that related to my life’s purpose & expression to jump out and grab me.  This was partially inspired by my recent stint of crystal collecting as I’ve noticed that the stones I collect all are associated with a few interwoven concerns, such as peace/calm, unity in society and within myself, etc.  I was sure that there would be a few runes that would be representative of myself and life in the same kind of way.

Here is what I came away with (the associated meanings are partially derived from Leaves of Yggdrissal and partly my personal notes):

Uruz – the insistence of life to continue against insurmountable odds, patience, courage, endurance, timely aggression, creative force, resourcefulness, persistence, will to live, primal impulse to be/become, growth through conflict/change, overcoming obstacles, healing, rejuvenation, physical & mental strength, new opportunities, risk-taking [I talked about this a little the other day as well]

Ansuz – communication, consciousness, intelligence, reason, air, sound, poetry, speech, ancestors, prana, breath of life, unbinding

Raido – control, movement, ritual, personal will & rights balanced with tribal/community rights, earned power & authority, judgement, taking charge of one’s self, acting from personal will/master of one’s circumstances, conscience, courage to act, extending one’s degree of control, taking initiative, cycles of seasons, shamanic travel into realms of consciousness

Kenaz – knowledge, consciousness, intellect, to know/be familiar with, craft, torch of knowledge, kin/like-minded people, spiritual leadership, esoteric knowledge, sex magic, cunt, consciousness of self, inborn knowledge, self-trust, light on the inner path, enthusiasm, inspiration, uncovering secrets, ridding unwanted influences/attracting desired ones, keeping knowledge maintained in altered states, bringing forth from the mind or body

Sowulo – life-giving femininity, sun, nuturing, comforting, higher self, higher will & intent, individual evolution, inner self, spiritual guidance, leadership, lightning, The Tower aka sudden, dramatic change, and consciousness

Teiwaz – battle for justice, law & order, social values, contracts & oaths, valor, bravery, honor, power to tackle a difficult situation, spirit warrior, masculine fertility, sky father, Yggdrasil

Berkana – earth goddess, female fertility, gestation, birth, child care, female health, healing, sacred trees, altered states of consciousness, soul journeys, ‘shrooms, rebirth, growth, creativity, childbirth, motherhood, protection for vulnerable females (when in a triple rune charm). [I’ve talked about this one before, as well.]

The more you know me, the more all of these make sense together.  I’m not sure how they come off otherwise.


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The Uruz Rune: Nature Insists on Survival Being a Shaman

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