The Uruz Rune: Nature Insists on Survival

June 18, 2008 at 7:34 pm 1 comment

I was gone all last week to a staff retreat in Grand Lake, Colorado where I had my best encounter with runes yet,  thanks to Leaves of Yggdrissal, the most well-researched and best-written resource on runes I’ve found so far.

When we arrived in Colorado, I was struck with heartbreaking sadness over the many groves of completely dead cone pines we passed.  Over and over we saw areas that had once been lush and green turned brown and red by the death of the trees.  I was so saddened by this, I stopped looking out the windows most of the time and tried not to look at the dying trees when I did.

After spending some time at the lodge with Leaves of Yggdrissal, I gained a new appreciation and respect for the the rune Uruz, which as I now understand it, contains the suggestion of the unstoppable force of nature, even in the face of seeming absolute destruction.  I was both saddened further and heartened by this rune, knowing that Gaia can care for herself much better than I am aware (even if I don’t want to stand by and watch what I consider to be “bad things” happening).

Later that week, we learned how the pines that are dying are a pioneer species that would have died out for the most part many years ago of humans weren’t using fire suppresion techniques.  Now that the pines are finally dying, the aspens (the only major tree group in the area) are bursting forth with life and the underbrush is more varied and beautiful than it has been for many years.

Besides this specific example, Uruz is what I now can hold to when I want something to remind me that the world is not going to end, even when it feels it must.


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