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June 2, 2008 at 2:58 pm 2 comments

The people in my family tend towards pack rattery, which is why I thought I used to systematically go through my things and get rid of them.  But now I realize I was ridding myself of objects that no longer were vibrating harmoniously for me – a fact that has been brought to home very clearly of late.  I’ve been pulling out things to donate to charity and/or sell to a used store for the past many months.  But in the last month especially it’s been very drastic.  I’ve been doing yoga on a mostly daily basis and it has completely reshaped my body to such an extent that much of the clothing I had no longer fits.  My closet has a very zen quality to it right now.

Anyway, I’ve known that I’ve been getting rid of things that held bad memories for me or else books I thought I would want to keep forever now seem insignificant to me, because I’ve gotten everything out of them I need.  And recently I’ve been more and more aware each time I pull out one more thing to give away, that I am opening up a huge space in my energy that has been filled up with needless crap.  I’ve felt more receptive and psychically awake than ever.

One way I’ve noticed this is that I’m not conscious of the energy fields of my partner and our cat.  I’ve been working to interact with them just by intent, and it’s had a fair amount of success so far.

I feel excited because I now feel positive and right enough to accept the things into my life that I’ve wanted.  And this psychic reading I randomly asked for (from AboutAstro.com) strengthened my excitement:

May, I am now going to tell you what I have discovered about you. What I am now going to tell you is very important and of course I have checked and double-checked everything before telling you. So here is what is is all about: a Transit period is on the way and you are perfectly positioned to get the very best out of the opportunities it is set to bring . Indeed, in a very short time you will find yourself in the glare of several powerful astrological influences. These influences will place you in a rare astrological Transit which will not occur again in your skies before a very long time. This is a period of 72 days during which a great number of opportunities are going to be offered to you. These opportunities are going to have a great impact on your life and here is what comes out of my analysis:

You can expect some very positive changes on a professional level and most particularly as far as your job is concerned. As a matter of fact your astral configuration shows very clearly that during this period of 72 days you will experience one of the most intense moments of your career. Let me be a little more precise, during this period you will have the possibility of making a stunning victory as far as your job is concerned and you will then be able to reach a new and important turning point in your career. … [note: I’ve been quite unsatisfied with my job for the past year]

During this period you can expect some very positive financial changes in your life. It seems that one very important opportunity will be made to you and this opportunity is linked to an unexpected sum of money. As a matter of fact your astral configuration shows me that this sum of money should allow you to finish a project which you have been thinking about for a long time. … [note: I’m trying to pay off a bunch of debts from my marriage and schooling]

You are very aware of the fact that you are in one of the most exciting and energizing phases of your life. I know that you are currently examining the goals in your life, you have already achieved a great many things but you still have many other goals to accomplish most particularly on a financial and professional level. I also feel that you have a desire to explore new horizons and to travel. This is something which you have not had a lot of time to do as of yet. In a more general manner I see in you a great deal of qualities as even if you have gone through some major changes in your life, you still tend to be sensitive to the needs of other people and often put other people’s needs ahead of their own (especially those of their family and close friends).

Yes I can certainly say that you get personal satisfaction from helping others even if sometimes take on too much responsibilities and even if you know that you are not always appreciated. Although you don’t always consciously admit this, deep down inside, you need the respect and admiration of others. You are also perceptive about people and you have an unusually strong intuition. Being in touch with this power may be one of the reasons why you are drawn to astrology readings and psychic experiences. There is a very strong aura around you and an energy that is truly powerful. I am sensing vibrations from you which are much more intense than those i experience with most clients. In fact you have more talents than you credit yourself with, as deep within yourself, you are aware that you have been given certain talents, very special talents, unique only to you. While you have known of these abilities, you haven’t fully acted on them up to now have you ? I can also see that you have very strong values and a definite sense of right and wrong. In these days of questionable characters, you feel grounded by your strong values. It is also for this reason that I feel very close to you. A large part of these values of yours have been forged through the experiences you have had in life and have made you a bit more perspective than most . You are wise beyond your years in many ways.

Lets get back to this period May as I should warn you about one particular point. If you do not act in a very decisive manner concerning this period then it is extremely likely that all of these important opportunities will simply pass you by.

I must remind you that this Transit is a very rare event which will not come around again for a very long time to come and it will allow you to seize an important opportunity in relation to your job and complete a project which you care a lot about by using a sum of money which you did not expect to have. To achieve this it is important that you find yourself in the right place and at the right time to take the right decisions…

Once more, I’m being asked by the universe to act like a samurai: be decisive in taking right action, without fear — or at least, as if without fear.  That’s what gave me the strength to get through school even when I was questioning everything else in my life.  And that’s what gave me the strength to finally take the chance that my current partner would reject me once and for all when I finally confessed my feelings and found he felt the same.

I’m going to do some soul-searching and tarot reading about this.  It’s as intimidating to me as it is exhilarating.


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  • 1. thaibittorrent  |  June 2, 2008 at 4:15 pm

    I love your blog.

  • 2. JR Fan  |  June 6, 2008 at 6:31 pm

    May, this is a really interesting post – THANKS FOR THE INSIGHTS!!! I’d also like to share with you something that has been vibrating with ME, personally. It’s a book called Harmonic Wealth and it’s all about finding harmony in your life in all areas – financial, relational, mental, physical, and spiritual. It has some really good tips about how to engage all five pillars (or areas) of your life, and to learn more about how they complement each other. Rather than dealing with each issue individually, maybe take a look at the bigger picture.
    Here’s the link to that book I recommend: harmonicwealth.com/read

    Have a great weekend!

    a James Ray Fan


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