Honoring Menstrual Pain

May 15, 2008 at 4:45 pm Leave a comment

I love DailyOm and subscribe to their daily newsletter, the subject of which was honoring pain today.

Honoring the experiences we have in our lives is an invaluable way to communicate with life, our greatest teacher.

It is especially important when pain comes our way to honor the experience, because our natural tendency is to push it away and move past it as quickly as possible.

We can honor a painful experience by marking it in some way, bringing ourselves into a more conscious relationship with it. We might mark it by creating a work of art, performing a ritual, or undertaking some other significant act. Sometimes all we need to do is light a candle in honor of what we’ve gone through and what we’ve learned. No matter how small the gesture, it will be big enough to mark the ways in which our pain has transformed us, and to remind us to recognize and value all that comes our way in this life.

My biggest pain is still menstrual, and it is still affected by my latest miscarriage (my first one affected my menstrual cycle for at least 2 years) which makes it harder for me to deal with. I do have a very “manly” notion of just working through the pain and/or ignoring it most months, not that those methods work successfully. I know I should listen to the pain, but often all I can feel is pain and I don’t feel as though I’m actually learning anything from it. But this month, when the cramps start coming, I will light a candle and meditate on the lives I’ve had inside of me and the many experiences of my lady bits. Hopefully I can start a tradition I will actually keep up and I’ll finally start making my menstruation a source of power for myself instead of a source of pain and sometimes fear.


I’d like to take a moment to thank tobeme for being so kind and encouraging and for being a fantastic commenter.



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