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An unexpected bonus of working this event on Saturday was running into my Aunt Marilyn (dad’s sister), who is the Pagan of the family, and whom I haven’t seen for… I don’t even know how many years.  We made plans to get together soon and talk through a bunch of stuff, which makes me feel encouraged and supported.

Then, on Sunday, my “little” brother (age 21) who’s temporarily staying with me, woke up and told me about a dream he had.  He was in our parents’ basement (i.e. our childhood home) and he found a spell book that he needed to hide to find later.  He went into what we called “the back” but what was just our storage area in the basement, and discovered a stairway down ending at an open door.  He knew the door would only be there for a short time, but didn’t feel able to open it.

So I decided to lead him through some guided meditation to see what he could discover about himself and our family.  I asked him to pick a guide from the masculine major arcana & court Tarot cards, and he picked the Hermit.  I had been expecting him to pick a defender or a warrior, so I gave him a stone I store energy in to hold and my Ganesha talisman (partly because it’s a tiny book, partly because Ganesha is the god of overcoming obstacles and I had a feeling my brother would need that).

He laid down, holding rock and the book, with the Hermit card beside him.  I led him through some warm-up visualization/chakra cleansing, then he entered back into the dream state and returned to the mysterious doorway.  It was marked with symbols, one of which he identified as signaling an emotional trap waiting for whomever opened the door.  He wedged the door with a screwdriver and the trap hit the wall harmlessly.  He described it as some of the needless fear/worry that plagues our family.

Next, he entered a large stone room with a pool of murky water that led through the opened door to a castle turret where the Hermit was waiting for him.  They left together and went through the locked door (after finding a key) that opened into a room full of moldy old books.  The books turned out to be our family’s history and genealogies and one very toxic bible that was leaking radioactive gunk all over the 6 stones placed around it.

My brother identified this as being linked to the baby dedications our parents had over us kids, where they offered our lives to their fucked up idea of god.  The Hermit advised him to destroy the stones, so he packed them and the bible up into a metal briefcase and they teleported to a Hawaiian volcano.

When he threw in the briefcase, the volcano erupted with green gook, firework-like explosions and lots of lava.  Then, it threw back out the 6 stones (I would describe their appearance, etc. to you, but since you don’t know my siblings, it wouldn’t make much difference).  The Hermit told my brother to return the stones to our parents dreamland home, to be discovered as needed by his siblings.

I’m not really sure what to make of all this, but then they’re not my metaphors.


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