Color, Energy & Power

March 31, 2008 at 7:37 pm 2 comments

So, while I’m still having dreams that feel like someone else’s, I at least figured out what the Wolverine claws were trying to communicate: that I shouldn’t ignore the latent power in my hands.  It’s something I needed to be reminded of, and it didn’t all click until I picked up How To Heal with Color the other day.

What I mean by my latent power is skills I have, but didn’t know until something caused me to access them.   (Except for seeing moments of the future.. that I’ve had since I can remember).  My first experience with energy & color happened when I saw ghosts for the first time in my life.  I didn’t believe in them at the time, so it was pretty dramatic being attacked by hundreds of them on an abandoned road while my friend’s car was breaking down (not by itself).  I closed my eyes and projected my yellow aura out until it was surrounding the car, then I projected some sort of spiritual avatar.  She was an Japanese woman in a long kimono with a samurai sword and she was the same yellow as my aura.  When my energy started to fade and my aura couldn’t surround the car anymore, she hacked at the attacking ghosts until we were able to escape.

After that I found that I could see energy colors, especially auras and whatever energy I was manipulating.  But after I had my first miscarriage (and I didn’t realize this until just the other day) , I lost that power.  Or at least, I wasn’t able to access it anymore, and the closest I’d gotten to doing so was being able to feel my aura surrounding me.  But when I picked up How to Heal with Color and read the first couple of pages, my body/mind somehow remembered again and now I can both see and feel my aura & energy again.

It’s pretty much a miracle.


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