“The dismembering of the world”

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From Starhawk’s Truth or Dare: Encounters with Power, Authority, and Mystery

A Story of Change

The fire remains
See it burn in the center of the circle
where it has burned for a thousand thousand years
A living flame in a dying landscape
a beacon surrounded by fences, walls, concrete, and barbed wire
Watch the flame
Hold out your human hands
Feel the fragile warmth
Breathe deep

This is the story we like to tell ourselves
as the bars of the cage rise around us
We tell ourselves
that there was once a time when we were free…
the green plains of Africa
lion and gazelle
the trackless forest
coco and fruit
The First Mother stands erect
cries out in a human voice
gives birth
to a child with human hands
again and again
And her children grow, change, wander
We fill the plains, we fill the forest
We follow the herds and the wild grass seeds
into every land
mountain and glacier, desert and fertile valley,
jungle and seacoast, riverbank and tundra
And we change

We change the way we get our food, our songs, our shelters,
the rhythm of our drums, our dances, our magic
the way we wear our hair
the color of our skin
And always we remember

She lives in us as we
in her as in each other
And we fill the earth with color, and dancing, and shaping
And we change

We tame the herds, breed goats to woolly sheep,
wild aurochs to milk cows
Poke seeds into the earth, tend them,
Harvest, winnow, and store them
changing the grasses to bread wheat, rice, millet, corn, barley,
Shaping wet clay to fired pot – the vessel
Weaving the basket, the cloth
Forming the bricks, building the walls, thatching the roofs of our shelters
Singing litanies of praise, painting and carving images
to remind us

All that is alive is alive in us
and all is alive

The First Mother is a wise mother
S he knows that to be a mother is to let go
She leaves us free to change
to become something
different from herself
Free even to forget
who we are

And so we changed
And perhaps a valley between two rivers
or a plateau high above a jungle
or in many places, many times
We discovered a power
that could turn in the hand to a cutting edge
and be wielded over
what lives
that we have forgotten
lives in us

for this memory also is ours:
The intoxicatio nof rule
to command, and be obeyed
to threaten, and be feared
to be exalted over others
Feel the rush in your veins
You are like the gods
They give life but you wield
It is stronger

And the circle was broken
And the people splintered

To rule or be ruled
To stand above or below
men over women, light skin over dark, rich over poor
the few over the many
human gain over the living balance of the earth
And the rulers forged weapons,
waged endless wars, twisted the old songs and stories,
wrote new hymns that exalted battle,
sacrificed to gods of conquest
and feared
the memory of the living dance of the Mother
that lives in the heart
like a watchfire
giving courage
to resist
giving strength
to create
The rulers tried to destroy her
pierced her skin with weapons,
salted her living fields,
drenched clean rivers with blood and poison,
weighted her down with stones and walls and fences, murdered children,
cursed her name and called it evil,
carved her body into pieces and sold them
And what was done to the earth was done
on the living bodies of women and men
And we who are alive in her as she in us
we fettered, beaten, raped, tortured,
burned, poisoned, and
And almost destroyed.

Breathe deep
Feel the pain
where it lives deep in us
for we live, still,
in the raw wounds
and pain is salt in us, burning
F lush it out
Let the pain become a sound
a living river on the breath

Raise your voice
Cry out. Scream. Wail.
Keen and mourn
for the dismembering of the world


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