The Crystal

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On Monday I was reading through Amber Wolfe‘s Totem Adoption Ceremony (which I will include at the end of this post). She talks about colors of light to imagine coming from or to the totem, specifically green (for heartfelt connection) and gold (for active higher energy). I’ve also been reading a lot about her personal experiences with totem interaction and it definitely created a hunger in me to find a connection like that to an object totem. And, once again, I got to see the the Universe is aware of my thought energy being sent out as surely as if I was praying every moment, because It answered my desire last night.

At my uncle’s house there are pieces of quartz crystal sitting in a bowl on his living room table. I was instantly reminded of my friend Andrea whose spiritual sensitivity I admire. She sleeps with two crystals in her hand and from getting to know her I first experimented with using stones and crystals as vehicles of spiritual power and comfort. There were three smallish pieces and one large one, so I held each of the small ones in turn to see how they would respond to me. One of them leaped out to me as something right and I held it to see what would come of our connection.

I held the crystal and saw my hand glowing yellow, then blue flashed onto the yellow and it became green and I held that greenness so that it went through my head and my heart. I moved it across my third eye, my heart, and then laid the crystal on my stomach and watched as a rainbow of light shot out of it from me and from the Universe into me. Suddenly it occurred to me that the light didn’t have to stay in this shape, and I rolled it into a ball with my hands and moved the energy to swirl around the crystal and through me. I slept with it in my hand/beside me and woke up renewed.

Wolfe warns against over-using totems, but I think I’d like to sleep with this crystal the way Andrea sleeps with hers. So I’m going to follow that example, but place my crystal on the floor every day so that it can be grounded and in peace.

Below the cut is the totem adoption ceremony. You’ll notice mine was significantly different that what she suggests, but that’s why individuality makes this type of spirituality so much fun.

A brief overview of Amber Wolfe’s Totem Adoption Ceremony from In the Shadow of the Shaman:

This ceremony may be as simple or as elaborate as you choose.

In a quiet time and place light sage or incense and smudge yourself and the totem.

Holding the totem, or a representation of the totem, surround yourself and it with clear green light to symbolize the heartfelt connection.

Cast golden light around next to symbolize the active higher energy you wish to bring to this relationship.

Beginning in the South, state your intention to kindle the first of trust that will bond your relationship with the totem (elaborate as you feel the need).

In the West, state your intention to let love flow between you and the totem to nourish your inner needs.

In the North, state your intention to let love be felt in your heart with this totem, and to let wisdom guide your purpose together.

In the East, state your intention ot let the winds of illumination and creativity blow freely between you so that you may grow together.

Return to the South and hold to totem up to Spirit, stating your intention to serve the highest good, then down to Mother Earth, stating your intention to be a conduit of healing energy.

Meditate for a while on your path and the relationship you have to the totem as well as to Self, Nature, and Spirit.

Close the ceremony by honoring all of the elements, spirit keepers, and rulers of the directions.


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