Guided By Our Future Selves

Yesterday Just Channeling, a page I follow on Facebook, posted channeled information from Natalia Alba. This section (among others), brought tears to my eyes:

You are your own Universe, connected to All within Creation. All these beings/Guides that some so desperately search are already within, most of them are future selves of us guiding us in our earthly journey, others are other selves of us who are experiencing different and Higher Realms, from when they Guide us.

It reminded me how, when I was a young, very suicidal girl, and I was most deeply contemplating the right angle to shove a butcher’s knife through my ribs into my heart, I would be visited by a beautiful being of light that loved me enormously and had the deepest compassion for my experience. She would hold me in her light, send love to my self-hating heart, and tell me that I had so much more to do with my life. She told me that I was precious and unique and the world needed me. So, for her, I would decided to keep living, at least, or a little while longer.

Skip forward to my mid-to-late 20s, when I was really starting to consciously utilize my psychic gifts: As part of my practice, I would often look at the soul image of my energy, which always expressed as a human-like entity, one that changed over time. It’s still evolving, but several years ago, I recognized one specific soul incarnation as the one that had visited me as a child, loving me and helping me to choose Life.

Truly, we are the Ones we have been waiting for.


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Creative Numerology Weekly Forecast ~ July 23, 2015

Creative Numerology is a great new resource I’ve stayed using. Check it out and see if you like it to 🙂

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Book Review: The Last Conception

Hello, everyone. I need to start this out with an apology to author, Gabriel Constans, who sent me a copy of The Last Conception a VERY long time ago. Due to personal reasons and triggers, I wasn’t able to complete my reading for a long time and it has taken me still longer to write this up! I apologize sincerely and thank you for your patience.

The Last Conception is a novel about Savarna Sikand, an Indian-American lesbian who works as an embryologist. She is caught between pressures of her queer community and the pressures of her cultural heritage. Her parents are specifically concerned with her having a child, which makes coming out to them all the more difficult.They insist that her family, in particular, must bear a child to be heir to the mysterious, miraculous lineage they bear.

As the story develops, Savarna transforms from a woman who is reacting to the people around her into a woman who acts with confidence and self-assurance. As she changes, so do her relationships and her choices. She chooses to claim who she is with boldness, and it begins her on a journey that she never expected to take.

Blending spirituality, sexuality, physical limitations, and medical decisions in a unique way, The Last Conception is a story like no other I’ve read. Constans weaves these over-arching themes into a journey that will surprise and delight readers.

You can purchase your own copy of The Last Conception by following this link.

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Chakra Animal Totem Meditation

Many people believe they have a single animal totem, but in my experience, a person an have up to HUNDREDS of animal guides and totems. In today’s meditation, we’ll meet the animal totems of our chakras!

Each of your chakras has an animal totem associated with it, and this meditation invites those animals to introduce themselves to you. (Here is an image of chakra centers for your reference.)

Chakra Animal Totem Meditation

Find a quiet place, and bring a pencil and pad of paper to take notes.

Sit or lie down and focus on your breath. Pull in three deep breaths from the Earth and see the breath coming up through your feet and out through your heart. Breathe 3 more deep breaths and see them coming through your crown chakra and out through your heart. Then take 3 more deep breaths, seeing the energy come through both your feet and your head, uniting and exiting through your heart.

Now imagine your root chakra as a red ball of light. In your imagination, move towards the ball of light and see it open like a portal. Inside the portal is a beautiful garden, with all the kind of things your animal totem likes – trees, plants, etc. (If it’s a penguin or a water animal, you may see a very different environment!) You will see a path before you. Step onto the path and follow it around the garden until your root chakra animal greets you.

Introduce yourself (it’s only polite) and ask any question you’d like of your animal totem. When you feel your time there is complete, thank the animal and see yourself going back out the red portal. Take a moment to write a note about what kind of animal it was and anything you discussed.

Next, see your orange chakra as a ball of light and enter that portal. Follow the same process with all of your chakras until you’ve met all the chakra animal totems. When you are finished, take a moment to thank each of the animals, then clap three times to bring you back into the present moment.

I hope some of you find this helpful. ❤

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Light Workers and the Diffusion of Solar Energies

If you’ve noticed that sometimes you sleep very poorly and feel odd for a certain amount of time, and then everything just goes away and you feel fine again… it might be because you are a light worker helping to diffuse the energy from a solar flare. According to my guides, when solar flares occur, Gaia and all humans and other entities process the energies and add their own special energy to the flow. This process is part of Gaia’s evolution; the evolution or transformation of our souls & our personal karma; and the continuing cycles of growth of the Universe. The image below is a doodle of what that diffusion looks like in the visions I’m given.


The energy flows like this: Sol (sun) -> Luna (moon) -> Khepera (planetary guardian) -> Saint Germaine -> Angels -> Light ships (extra-terrestrial and -dimensional beings) -> Fae/Faeries/Plant & mineral spirits -> Light workers -> Gaia & all other earth entities currently incarnate or soon to be incarnate.

Questions? Ask them at Readings & Reiki with May.

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A Meditative Journey

This morning I was focusing on my breath and the quiet place within me, and soon I was in the special garden where I often meet with Krishna and Quan Yin. They asked how I’ve been doing lately and I admitted that I’ve been struggling with my emotions, especially since I haven’t been making time to meditate and find stillness like I need to. They gently prompted me to make that a priority, and then moved on to discuss my vision of the future. I told it to them, but as I was describing it, found that it was very tame. So I suggested that I might need a vision given to me by a guide like them or my Higher Self and they just nodded. Time for speaking was done. They both reached out their hands and passed power and new energetic patterns to me. I sat still and received it gratefully, until they took their hands off and I knew it was time to go.

I was drawn to a cave in another part of the garden. Inside Anubis, the shaman priest of Egypt, was waiting for me. He asked what gift/tribute/token of respect I brought him. I reached into my heart and pulled out a huge black crystal and offered it to him. After examining it briefly, and putting it in one of the creches of the cave, Anubis led me to follow him deeper into the cave and told me I’d be undergoing one of the old Egyptian tests – swimming through a deep trench of water filled with crocodiles. If I swam out of the wrong exit (the easy one) I’d have to go back in. The right exit was deep deep down in the dark.

With trepidation, I agreed to the test and dove in. I focused on swimming down, down, down, instead of on the large, frightening shapes moving above and around me and my own innate fear of drowning. When I finally emerged from the terrifying darkness, it was into a small pool of water surrounded by a lavishly-decorated cave room. There was a bed covered in silk and velvet. The air was perfumed with frankincense and myrrh. Sweets and savories were laid out on a table for me. Lady Bast was waiting to comfort me there. I laid on the bed and she joined me, purring loudly and in a way that vibrated my entire body. I could feel it shaking the fear from my cells. Anubis came in and wordlessly communicated that I had done well and that I was never in any danger because he and other gods and goddesses were watching out for me.

Then he leaned down and kissed me on the forehead, then withdrew again. His kiss left a bright mark of light on my skin and soon the light was spreading in hieroglyphic patterns across my skin, my mind, my internal organs, muscles, ligaments, and bones. As his magic worked, Bast supported it with her purring vibrations, and soon I could feel I was vibrating higher than before. To ground the energy, Bast had me eat some of her food and then step outside the cave to put my feet down in the grass. She shrank into a house cat size and ran off into the garden, and I came back to myself, renewed.

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Meeting Your Spirit Guide

I originally posted this elsewhere, but a friend requested that I post it here as well. So, here we go….

Every person has a spirit guide – a friend who helps us along in life, whether or not we realize it. Some people can see their spirit guide, and some cannot, but they are always watching over you, waiting to help.

Sometimes when you’re asleep at night, your own spirit body will travel out on its silver cord to be with your spirit guide. Sometimes you go places together and then dream about them.

Sometimes your spirit guide will whisper to you in your mind. Usually you can hear him or her if you are in some danger and they are warning you to be careful.

From Mountains, Meadows and Moonbeans by Mary Summer Rain

Getting to know your spirit guide more can help you access information about your life that you might not know otherwise. Communication is telepathic, and usually we can become aware of it during meditation, dreams, or just by learning how to focus your thoughts to receive messages. The more you practice, the easier it gets. You are probably doing it already, but not aware of someone’s else’s thoughts versus your own.

The role of your guides is to gently but consistently guide you via intuitive nudges to stay on track with your soul’s purpose. In addition, if something is in your purpose to accomplish, you will find support from your spirit guides in that endeavour. They will hook you up with resources, people, money, books to help you reach your goals. They can offer insight and comfort when you feel lost.

But there is one important condition to the help they can give us and this condition serves us:

Your spirit guides will only help you to accomplish and achieve things that honour the purpose that YOU set for yourself before you incarnated.

Guides will not tell you what to do. They may recommend a course of action that aligns with your path, but they will ultimately leave it up to you. (Source)

To contact your spirit guide, try this exercise:

In a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed, sit comfortably in front of a candle or any spiritual object/symbol that makes you feel safe. You might want to have a pen and paper handy to write down messages you recieve.

As you look at the candle, focus on your breath and on the flame. Imagine a white light surrounding you and protecting you against all negativity. When you feel safe and calm, put out this intention with your mind:

I wish to contact my spirit guide.

You can think it over and over, if it helps you stay focused, or just release the intention out into the ether. Remain focused and wait for your spirit guide to arrive.

When he/she arrives, introduce yourself politely and ask him/her to do the same.

Ask if they have any messages for you and see what they say or what images you see in your mind’s eye, etc.

Thank them for their help and the message.

Allow yourself to come back to the present, and write down anything you want to remember about your guide and the messages you received.

Now that you’ve become aware of your guide, you can acknowledge them and speak to them anytime your mind is calm and receptive. 🙂

Adapted from How to Contact Your Spirit Guides

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